Mar 28, 2007

Tom Burke, Knight of Life

The 1994 Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) law makes it a federal crime to block access to abortion clinics to save babies. If a FACE-type law had been in place 40+ years ago, it would have strangled the Civil Rights movement. The Operation Save America website compares the two movements quite clearly.

Tom Burke of Kansas City, KS is a Catholic man who has been arrested (40+ times) for attempting to save babies from being killed in abortion clinics by "blocking access." This time it appears the government will sentence Tom to federal prison for a year and a half for his trying to save babies. Tom's recent pro-life work is described in the last paragraph of Congressman Jerry's Moran's report.

I spoke with Tom a few months ago and he said, "If people understood the great happiness that comes with doing this work, there would be many others who would join me in getting arrested." Tom was joyous when he said this, as he knows he has chosen a very special and rewarding way to serve God.

Tom's thoughts about the special vocation of non-violent resistance to abortion are described in his published letter to Joe Scheidler, founder of the Pro-Life Action League and another long-time whipping boy of pro-abortionists. [Joe will be speaking in Kansas City this fall.]
Dear Joe,

May the Lord give you peace. Thank you for being a committed and faithful pro-life activist. Please extend my thanks to your wife, Ann, your son Eric, and your daughter, Annie, too. I am very grateful for the love and concern your family shows for all children who are or were in danger of abortion and for their mothers.

Thank you for praying for the conversion of your enemies each day. God hears your prayers, especially when they are presented before the throne by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

God bless you all. Love and prayers,

Brother Tom Burke, Kansas City, KS
Please pray for Tom Burke as he sacrifices himself again for his smallest brothers and sisters.

How to Please God?

It may be as simple as praying more, and keeping promises. I've certainly made promises when I've asked God for special favors in my life. He always fulfilled His part of my self-initiated bargain. Now it's time for me to fulfill my end of the contract.

How about you? What promises to God have you made to solicit His gifts?