Jul 12, 2006

The Great Catholic Retreat--Preface

[dustiam presents this Catholic science fiction as one way to understand the Church's difficulties of the past 50 years, and possibly to foresee the history of the Church in the next 50 years. The Great Catholic Retreat is a 'work in progress.' Changes will likely be made when comments are received that say, "You are out of your mind to conceive this!" The book starts with this preface written by an unknown Church historian of the 22nd century.]

The Great Catholic Retreat was published by historian Pedro Maria Ruiz-Sanchez in the year 2098. Ruiz-Sanchez recounts the period in the 20th and early 21st centuries when the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was reluctant to battle the forces of Satan, and collaborated with them in several instances. He focuses on Church history in the U.S. which constituted a major force and population within the Church at that time.

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