Jul 12, 2006

The Great Catholic Retreat--Chapter 7: Residual Trials

Following Benedict XVI’s death, a seemingly more liberal Pope was subsequently elected, and his accidental death two years later is still being reviewed, although mostly as public entertainment. However, his short Papacy was unable to stop the swing of the Pendulum of the Church from modernism to traditionalism. The pendulum over-swing is now seen to have resulted in a renewed Jansenism in the Church that Pope Jeremiah addresses in his new encyclical, In Medio Stat Virtus (2097). This new encyclical has encountered the wrath of the reformed Jesuits who have declared it is inconsistent with prior Church teaching.

The SSPX remained fearful of a Vatican accord until 2020, when a Vatican conference clarified certain difficult theological issues initiated by Vatican II. Two new SSPX bishops were then approved by Rome. In 2024, the SSPX was fully approved to operate in most Catholic dioceses as an order of priests dedicated to evangelization of Muslims in the free world.

Death rattles by the last Kasparites continued until 2033, when no significant Modernist bishop remained active in the Catholic Church—either being retired because of old age and death, or being dismissed because of negligence of Church assets.

The destruction of seven Islamic cities and two Jewish cities led to the Time of Trial in 2022. For a 2-month period, worldwide terrorism disabled worldwide shipping and satellite transmission. This volatile situation was defused only by the strongest threats and two military thrusts from China (which desired continued economic and political growth in a peaceful world).

The world financial catastrophe of 2022-2026 and the growing spectre of Islam caused many families to conclude children were the only lifeline to their future. A high of 4.3 children per family in the U.S. was reached in 2065, and even larger Catholic families are now finally producing adequate numbers of priests for the U.S. Church in the 22nd century.

The relations between the secular U.S. state and the Church became more difficult in the 2010s, especially as the science/moral/political differences became more pronounced. One of the thorniest problems for the Catholic Church was and is “Super Children” (designer children). Many parents chose to procreate/engineer only highly intelligent and personable children. Even though the particular procedure does not involve an abortion, it involves immoral means according to a definitive Papal statement issued in 2021.

As the 21st century progressed, the Church welcomed increasing numbers into the Church, mostly by providing key leadership and witness to the Christian life of sacrifice, confronting the key errors of the day, and assisting the poor and other suffering peoples who became very numerous after the Time of Trial with its resulting financial catastrophe.

China's territory in the 1930's expanded by mostly bloodless intrusions into Vietnam, Korea, and several other southeast Asian countries. The Philippines, Japan, and Australia signed friendship pacts with China. Indonesia allied itself with Muslim countries that promised all-out war against China if China moved into Indonesia. India and Russia declined to sign a peace pact with China and incresing tensions led to the China-India-Russian War of 2047. The three countries signed a non-agression pact in 2049 that has been maintained until today (2098).

Democracy began to be viewed as unworkable in most countries. The European Union continued to fail throughout the first half of the 21st century. France expelled most Muslims in the 2020s, but not without much bloodshed. It now remains the only Christian country in Europe and has accepted many Christian immigrants from formerly Christian states. An intense revival of the Faith occurred during the Muslim attacks of the 2030s.

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