Oct 20, 2006

People Problem Solving

Which is the most difficult problem to solve--(1) a people problem or (2) a technical problem (e.g., computer, auto)? Most of us would say solving people problems is more challenging. But if certain conditions are met, people problem solving is easy, even when a lot of ire has been aroused. Here is an illustration.

Recently some individuals were upset with my friend and asked me to help. The individuals are great Catholics and chose their words carefully to say they respected my friend, thought he was trying to do what was right, but he tiffed them and others off but good!

Somewhat reluctantly, I called my good Catholic friend to delicately explain this predicament, but he seemed to have anticipated that something was amiss. He offered an easy way to bring up the subject by first discussing his actions and then asking how people felt. [Lots of people talk about the first items, but never ask the second part!]

When he was told of some vexation among others, he quickly responded that he always received his best grades in school on the left (deportment) side of his report card, especially in "takes correction easily." He offered to apologize, even humbly saying he would "grovel" if necessary.

Needless to say, almost all people problems can be dissapated by good communications, charity, forgiveness, and especially humility. But if pride is introduced on either side, people problems will fester and grow. Good Catholics know arrogance is not a virtue. We all must be especially humble to help prevent people problems and then to solve them if they do arise.

Oct 15, 2006

"The Real Glory" and the Colt 45

Gary Cooper is the featured actor in the 1939 film, The Real Glory. He plays an Army doctor faced with cholera and Muslim fanatics in the Philippines of 1906. The movie has a certain creepy timeliness and can be dramatically compared with the suicidal attacks of Islam today. [The Army doctor in the movie broke the will of the Moro leader (Alipang) in front of the scared Christian Filipinos by threatening to bury Alipang in a pigskin! ]

Not too many people realize that the Muslim fanatics in the Philippines were responsible for the development of the Colt 45 automatic handgun. The new pistol was especially designed for the U.S. Army by John Moses Browning, because our soldiers had been unable to stop an attacking Moro with their smaller .38 cal revolver. More stopping power was needed.

On March 29th, 1911, the Browning-designed, Colt-produced .45 automatic pistol, was selected as the official sidearm of the Armed Forces of U.S.A., and named Model 1911.