Feb 4, 2009

The Devil Plays his Cards Well

Perhaps this has happened to other Catholic bloggers. You get these great, imaginative, and wonderful ideas for future blog posts during Mass. For some time, I've mistakenly thought they were inspirations from God. Now I am convinced they come from the devil. Here's why.

The devil is aware that distractions during Mass will be rejected and converted into discussions with Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. So the devil makes a trade-off. he wickedly provides really good ideas for posts, even spiritually valuable ones, to trade for your time with Christ. Guess who gets the better deal?

The devil knows quite well that most of his good ideas for posts will never be implemented because of my forgetfulness and lack of time. But he wins because I am distracted from what I should be doing--adoring God and communicating with His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The devil plays his cards well. Just got to remember the purpose of his game.

Feb 2, 2009

Three Epic Milestones....

I'm stealing these comments on Church events in January 2009, as posted by Fidei Defensor at American Catholic.

After the election of the most pro-choice pres. in US history things seemed dark. Then in January, the month he is sworn in and the month of the 50th aniv. of the Vatican Council three things happen (always in threes)…

1-Potential for total healing between the Vatican and SSPX

2-Potential for a personal prelature for Anglicans is in the works (this could be huge even beyond the 400,000 in the TAC, indeed I think this could catch on like wild-fire perhaps even in Africa.)

3-New Russian Orthodox Patriarch is the most favorable to Catholics possible in the present Russian context and is in the mold of the Patriarch of Constantinople in terms of viewing the Church East and West as “two-lungs,” and I think it is at last a possibility that the Pope can visit Russia.

....if I [Fidei Defensor] was still a blogger I’d post on this, these three things, taken by themselves are meaningless footnotes to the msm but I think in the context Church history these are all epic milestones.

God bless and protect his Holiness. The Pope who so many liberals said would be so divisive is turning out to be the great unifier and the unity has come not due to pandering and pleasantries but rather a robust embrace of Truth.