Jul 10, 2006

Self Genocide in Spain

The PBS report on Catholicism in Spain began with interviews to show just how dramatically this former bastion and master evangelizer of the Catholic faith is proceeding to commit self genocide. Spain has been converted to a predominantly lay society in less than a generation. Eighty percent of Spaniards now call themselves Catholics, but only 42 percent believe in God and 20 percent go to Mass.

The spokesman of the Catholic Church in Spain, Fr. Leopoldo Vives Soto, noted Spain's very low birth rate, among the lowest in the world. His words are stark, scary, and worth repeating.
If families don't have children and don't communicate values to those children, well then society, bit by bit, gets weaker. It's like cancer. It's not violent. It's not an illness that kills with one blow, but you have a body that slowly decays.
Go back to 1492--you remember the year that Columbus flying the flag of Spain discovered the new world. Well, 1492 was also the date when the Spanish army, under Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, marched into the City of Granada. They finally reconquered the last of Spanish lands seized by Arab armies seven centuries earlier. Spain is the only country to have ever successfully repeled an occupying Muslim force.

I've read historical speculation that if Spain had not been able to reconquer its lands for Christianity, then all of the Latin American countries would have been Muslim. Because Spain was successful in the Reconquista, the new world became Catholic.

Are the Muslims still upset about the Reconquista? More than you can imagine. Muslims believe any land they conquered is always theirs, even if reconquered by the original non-Muslim people. To Muslims, their old land is now 'occupied' and they are called upon to wage a jihad to subjugate the non-Muslim inhabitants and once again impose the rule of Islam.

The PBS interviewer in Spain concluded his report by stating "In the Spanish capital, the largest house of worship built in recent years wasn't a church, but this mosque and Islamic cultural center".

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