Jun 22, 2006

Latin Masses in Kansas City--Divided in Many Ways

Kansas City is an interesting place to live, especially with the two Catholic dioceses split by the Kansas/Missouri border and at least three Churches where daily Latin Masses are offered. We're not only in the center of the U.S., but we're also at the center of the divisions between those who love the old Latin rite.

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has its U.S. headquarters and publishing house in KC, and has been working out of St. Vincent's Catholic Church since about 1979. Archbishop Lefebvre dedicated the Church on 10 May 1981, with about a thousand Catholic traditionalists of all stripes at the Mass of dedication.

Seven years later, the four new SSPX bishops consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro-Mayer were declared to be excommunicated. [The SSPX consistently has defended the consecrations (see http://www.sspx.org/SSPX_FAQs/q11_abexcommunicated.htm).]

Not unexpectedly, the SSPX conceived quite a few children (some they prefer not to acknowledge, but who are fine offspring!) in the 18 years since the excommunications of 1988. In Kansas City, indult Latin Masses thrive both in the diocese of Kansas City in Missouri and the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. The Institute of Christ the King serves Kansas City, Missouri (and some Kansas) Catholics, and the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) serves Kansas City, Kansas (and some Missouri) Catholics.

Moreover, a couple of convents of traditional nuns are found on the Missouri side of the state line--including the Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King, a traditional teaching order founded by Fr. Eugene Heidt in Oregon and now served by the SSPX in Kansas City.

A new order of traditional nuns has also found a home in Kansas City. The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, is an order invited to the Missouri diocese by Bishop Finn to pray and make sacrifices for the sanctification of priests. Each of the two convents has about fifteen nuns and the Latin Mass is offered daily.

With the Kansas City Latin Mass scene in mind, listen to our fellow blogger at "http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/" who analyzes recent news about possible canonical regularization of the SSPX. Based on interviews with key players, he believes Pope Benedict XVI soon will lift the decree of excommunications and put the SSPX in the same situation as the Greek Orthodox Church. Pope Paul VI in 1964 met with Patriarch Athenagoras in Jerusalem and both rescinded the 1054 excommunications of the Great Schism.

So far, so good. The 'kicker' in Rorate-Caeli's analysis is the required "correction of doctrinal mistakes" by the SSPX. And friends, it ain't gonna happen!

Why? Because the SSPX firmly believes (and has good reason to believe) that certain elements of Vatican II (e.g., religious freedom, ecumenism) are inconsistent with two millenia of Catholic teaching by Jesus Christ, his apostles, and canonized saints. Moreover, Pope Paul VI, in an audience on January 12, 1966, said that Vatican II “had avoided proclaiming in an extraordinary manner dogmas affected by the mark of infallibility.” So what "doctrinal errors" can the SSPX be accused of, if no dogmas were taught by Vatican II?

The SSPX adheres more firmly to traditional dogma than most Catholic dioceses. Currently, only the non-doctrinal Vatican II Council is the source of division between the Vatican and the SSPX. Sounds like a stalemate for now. Kansas City Catholics who deeply love the old Latin Mass will likely continue to disagree heartily with traditional Catholics from other groups--each saying the other group is outside the pale.


Communicatio in Sacris said...

Did Pope St. Pius X snort cocaine in the bathroom for exta energy to pray more (I read he learned this from Pope Leo XIII who endorsed Vin Mariani with a Gold Medal when Joseph Sarto was a Cardinal)? In fact, I also was told this by a SSPX Catholic priest named Fr. Scott, but now I am reading that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos of Medellin, Colombia worked together on BIG COCAINE DEALS? I think that is why the SSPX has a lot of money and a lot of properties (Econe, Switzerland)? I heard that President Uribe's AUC helped them deliver the goods in a big Black Ship? Can anyone confirm that?

Did the FARC-EP benefit too? Or were they cut out of the deal? Do they really say the Latin Tridentine Mass by their Farc chaplains? I heard that the Chinese Communist Patriotic Church celebrates that old Latin Mass, and they help the FARC and ELN in their missions to Colombia? Not sure if they a Valid Latin Bishop for them? Br. Michael Dimond asked me this matter a long way back, I think he desires to rise to the honor of bishop, makes sense!

Also, it is widely known that there seems to be evidence of this from what I hear from a Bishop-Scholar Michael Carter that a Bishop in Miami, the Most Reverend Timothy Henneberry, OSA (Prior of La Iglesia Catolica Tradicional Nuestra Senora de los Dolores), helps the FARC/ELN Groups deliver the goods to (Cuban) churches he works with (also in the network are Bishop Martin, Bishop Fulham, Fr. Morrison, Fr. Bolduc, Fr. Brown, Fr. Collins, Fr. Cekada, etc)? Is this really true? I am not sure, but I am very suspicious from what I read, and I was told a lot about this from an Argentine Nun Sister Marie of the Trinity, anyone know about her resume? Hermana Mary de Trinidad said that she is the successor of La Popessa, and claims to know more than Dr. Bishop Malachi Martin as far as the Inside Scoop!

Wow - this story - now that would be a When Celebrity Endorsements Go Bad!!!

There is also a new book on the Cartels of "Communicatio in Sacris" from a Colombian-Venezuelan Scholar Dr. W. Detucci (I think from La Javierana in Bogota?)... here you can read more:


I would appreciate anyone to share more information on this controversy. Maybe a book review on "Communicatio in Sacris," by Dr. Detucci.

As a Independent Roman Catholic Traditional Bishop, I try to stay out of the Narco-Politics of the Traditionalist Movement, I am simply asking all the same questions lingering in the air. Something is going on--that's for sure! Maybe my Liberal friends, Director Oliver Stone and Michael Moore, will work with President Hugo Chavez to uncover the truth? But I also heard Traditionalist Director Mel Gibson is fighting them over Copyright Issues of a Documentary he is also working on concerning Traditionalism in Latin America...I heard though he is only working with President AlvaroUribe (and that hurt Chavez's feelings).

We'll see, now won't we?


+Jason Spadafore
A Modern-Day Montague Summers

Nandarani33 said...

Here I am years after the original comment. Trying to find information on someone I reached the article, and read the comment which reminded me of the worst I am capable of and have left behind .... the attraction in the mind to sensational material. Actually the comment seems worse than I ever got about secular matters, and material that was verifiable in history formed the basis of the comments I made, yet.... I'm referring to any instances of mine which may have cast innuendos ... the worst kind of comment and writing and highly sinful.

Imagine writing such about Pope Pius X, who understood everything that is happening now so clearly. I guess the rest of the comment is calumny too. That is the first time I've ever used that word. Most of the time posting comments on line ultimately goes back to a kind of pride within the commenter. It is actually dangerous to do it for one's spiritual life. Why do I write, now? Mild surprise and a desire to register that someone did see, and respond as I have.