Jun 28, 2006

Stories about the Prayer to St. Michael

I've heard a number of stories over the years about the Prayer to St. Michael. On October 13, 1884, Pope Leo XIII collapsed at the foot of the altar with a vision of the horrible future of the Church. When the Pope revived, he described a coming century when Satan’s power would virtually overcome the Church. He then composed the Prayer to St. Michael and required it to be recited at the end of all low Masses for protection from the devil. However, in 1964, one of the first changes of Vatican II (Instructio Prima) was to discard this powerful invocation to Archangel Michael.

The first story I remember was told to me by Sr. Mary Vincentine (deceased) of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. She described a pilgrimage to Rome in the mid-1960’s where she met some Germans. Sister stated that the German pilgrims were extremely concerned because the prayer to St. Michael also had been forbidden by Hitler at the time of World War II. Most readers understand the chaos and devastation that occurred in Germany because of that terrible war. And since 1964, has anyone in the Church not been affected by the disasters in the Church?

The second story was told to me a long time ago by a good priest. A newly assigned pastor learned that the women in the altar society fought with each other most of the time. At the first meeting, the pastor observed an unnatural disfunction and disorder among the women, and he resolved to do something about it. So at the start of the next meeting, he prayed and then blessed them in a moment of silence. It was during this time that he silently said a private prayer of exorcism--the prayer invoking St. Michael's help in defeating the devil. The altar society meeting that evening was totally different. Now the women behaved as good religious women should, worked together effectively, and accomplished a lot of good work. The new pastor continued to pray to St. Michael at subsequent meetings, and the altar society proved to be a great asset to the parish.

Hopefully, the Pope will reinstate the great prayer to St. Michael the Archangel so that this heavenly warrior will defend the Church against a multitude of enemies. In the meantime, we should say the prayer privately whenever (and before!) the need arises.


Anonymous said...

One of your readers is named Michael and was born on October 13. Look also to the Old Testament and see that St. Michael appeared in the Bible in the Book of Daniel at chapter 10, verse 13 (10/13).

Anonymous said...

OK, this is too weird. I left the above post at 12:08 a.m. on July 2 and the time of the comment above says 10:13 p.m.

I am going to go say the Prayer of St. Michael now as I go to bed, after my Act of Contrition.

Good night.

Anonymous said...

I read that Michael wants men to wear a white hat with his name. I did so and had been for about a week reciting the exorcist prayer to him. I use to leave the hat on top of the steering wheel of the bike. one night I was unable to sleep well but I try to attend to daily mass. That morning being up so many times I just rested tired on the couch temted not to go early to mass (but decided to go at the usual time 6:55 or so) twice where my eyes drawn to the bike front wheel the second time at about 6:50 am I looked in disbelief and disgust noticing that the front tyre was flat under the white hat I thought of what were the damn devils trying to tell me. I decided to walk to mass anyway commending myself to God and the help of St Michael. I was so tired but walking fast I thought. but I could hardy keep up with a man in my front seemingly walking slower than me. A voice seemed to tell me to catch the street light before it turns red a turn I never made walking to church before. The man turned to the right as I would have done. Before long I looked beck to see the man way way behind me. To my great surprise I entered church at 7 am and also the priest by the altar I was amazed that I had made it walking before I usually do on the bike. Made it on time to church probably in about two years. The priest announced at the beginning that It was the holy mass honoring St Michael (Last month) and I was doubly amazed then. At the end of the mass I usually shake the priests hand with other people. I waited till the end and told the story to the priest who said that he noticed me entering when he was entering, and he agreed with me about the strong influence angels have in our lives that he tries to tell others. Well, that was also the priest (priests are rotated) that had refused to bless my white cap about two weeks earlier on the claim that it was not a holly article. I see Gods blessing to us with angel friends. I seem to also get the impression that Michael chose for us a white hat with his name over our bodies rather than a medal (it seems very spiritual to me). is interesting also that traditionally churches in his honor were also on top of hills or mountains
Blessings to you all, Kaare (cory)