Aug 11, 2006

The "Guide" of Religions in China

A search for 'Catholic' on the official China news website brings up a recent interview with Ye Xiaowen, director of the State Administration of Religious Affairs. The interview represents Ye's first open remarks since he took office ten years ago. [He never once mentions God in the interview.]

Ye claims his country has "more than 100 million faith followers," and he wants them to focus on peace, non-violence, and environmental protection. Thus he denies that religion's primary purpose is the spiritual welfare of men--to assist them to live a good life and die well. Of course, Communists don't believe men have eternal souls that are accountable to God, do they?

I am sure that the Pope looks at the possibilities for China to be a great country if that large and increasingly powerful nation were to believe in the true God and renounce atheistic materialism that leads them to a hell on earth--no matter how rich they become.

Listen to Ye as he insists China must "guide" religions.
First of all, the government will guide the religions to try to explain their tenets in ways that are in line with the requirements of the development of the society. Other religions are also facing the need of fresh explanation of their tenets to keep pace with the social development
The old Communist Chinese government really believes it is capable of explaining the tenets of Catholicism! What a cow! Clearly, the only hope of Christians in China is for the old communist, Ye, to be replaced by a more perceptive individual who understands the good that faithful Christians have accomplished in other societies of the past and the immense good that Catholic teaching can do for China in the future.

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