Aug 13, 2006

What do Bloggers Look Like?

I've noticed that some bloggers encourage using real names, rather than pen names such as 'dustiam.' I'd like to propose an alternative. Why not use a photo of a blogger or simply post the height and weight of a blogger? We could easily tell if a particular person is showing the effects of too much blogging. [Maybe that's the reason why there are so few pictures of bloggers who are more than 25 years old.]

Based on my experience of less than two months, blogging takes a lot of mental energy but little physical energy. It is so easy to use a nearby flat surface to hold drinks and food that are eaten without thinking. I confess that right now a glass that is within arm's reach was formerly full of milk, ice cream, and chocolate malt. Unfortunately, I told myself it was ok to fix the shake because I exercised earlier.

So here are my questions for bloggers:
  1. Are you now wearing loose fitting clothes or pajamas that have grown a little tighter recently?
  2. Do you prefer to eat your meals and snacks as you blog?
  3. Is the only time you get up from the computer terminal when you go to the refrigerator (or to the littlest room in the house)?
  4. Do you leave your (cell) phone next to the monitor so that if it rings, you don't need to get out of your chair?
  5. If there were a free service for an artist to draw a cartoon of you seated at your terminal, would you post it on your blog? Even if the face were eliminated?
  6. Do you walk regularly by a full length mirror? Do you look and cry?


Stephen L.M. Heiner said...

While I actually like the little picture of the oinker, I've been consciously blogging less because I've just made a resolution to limit myself to 5 hours of non-work internet time a week. I've had to blog less because of it, but I won't use more than 5 hours a week.

Dust I Am said...

This post was written mostly for myself, as I am finding my life much more sedentary than before.

Stephen, your resolution makes a lot of sense. I'm going to try something like that.