Sep 15, 2006

Mohammed's Command

Pope Benedict XVI has reminded us of Mohammed's command to spread Islam by the sword. Hopefully, his next step will be to encourage Muslims to become Christians. Yes, it does happen. See the ex-Muslim site for stories of why Muslims converted to Christianity.

What a contrast with John Paul II who blindly (and I'm being charitable!) apologized for the Crusades, entered a mosque to pray, and kissed the Koran.


cranky said...

You know, Benedict really is my leader. It's not just a tipping of my hat at Mass. It's not just a "religious" nicety. It's not just what I'm supposed to say. I really want to follow him.

That being said, I guess there are some days I could easily create a list of folks I believe he ought to send to some Carthusian monastery for rehabilitation, excommunicate, or something. But that's my problem, and that's why he's Pope and I'm not.

Pray for his protection.

Dust I Am said...

Benedict XVI is my leader too, and I'm delighted he seems to understand that those who follow Mohammed's command to use the sword are enemies of Christianity.

Perhaps you misunderstood my comments. It is John Paul II that ignored the raw evil in Islam.


There is a big question as to whether JPII knew he was kissing a Koran and still further whether the simple matter of kissing it was an acknowledgment of or a celebration of its content. Google Jimmy Akin and JPII and kissing koran for more on this. I was treated badly by Jimmy on Catholic Answers LIve on Friday so I am an unlikely person to refer anyone to him, but his comments on the Koran kissing rang true for me. BUt, I will gladly agree that we are unlikely to see B16 kiss that book. Peace be upon him.

Dymphna said...

It's possible that JPII didn't know he was kissing a Koran. I'm willing to let that go. If we make it to heaven we can ask him about it. The most important thing to me right now is that Benedict won't ever kiss one.