Sep 17, 2006

Papal Support

I attended Mass this Sunday morning in a western state and the young priest began his sermon by firmly stating his support of Benedict XVI. The subject was the Papal address at the University of Regensburg that is resulting in violent Muslim reactions throughout the world, including the murder of an Italian nun and attacks on multiple Christian churches.

The priest's sermon was comprehensive and far-reaching. First of all, he quoted sufficient material from the Pope's address to show the thrust and reasonableness of the Papal speech. Second, he put the Pope's remarks into the context of the history of Islam. Third, he briefly recounted the multitude of recent acts of violence by Muslims. Fourth, he stressed the Mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and her rosary, as the answer to Islamic agression--as happened in the past and will happen in the future.

The histories of northern Africa, the Middle East, and Spain were summarized to show only the last area succeeded in repelling Islam, during the reign of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. The Virgin Mary's role in the 17th century victorious battles of Christian Europe against Islamic forces was described. The Virgin Mary (venerated by Muslims), especially in her appearance at Fatima (named for the daughter of Mohammed), was forecast as the hope for the future of Christianity.

The dynamic and information-full sermon ended with a comparison with the dead man that Jesus gave back to his mother. He said Islam is the dead man that Jesus wants to give to his Mother, Mary.

I wish all Catholics in the world could hear the young priest's remarks. Unfortunately, the young priest spoke in a church that is not yet in the good graces of Rome. I wonder how many NO priests will support the Pope as firmly as the young priest I heard this Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Do you actually think Priests who follow Holy Mother Church AND HER Novus Ordo Mass would be less likely to support the Pope than one who is "in a church that is not yet in the good graces of Rome"? (Which certainly is "unfortunate"). What arrogance. Every Priest I know (and seminarian)is a "NO" and is completely in support of OUR Holy Father!

Dust I Am said...

Do you doubt that priests and bishops in the U.S. have acted against Papal teachings, including signing public letters of protest? You might want to review the archives of the National Catholic Reporter newspaper (NCR) which features stories of priests and bishops who take exception to Papal pronouncements.

Interestingly, John Allen of the NCR notes there is rebellion in the Church in Germany. He states "Aside from the fracas over Islam, Benedict has actually once again shown himself to be a figure singularly uninterested in grabbing headlines. In face of a rebellious Catholic community in Germany, Benedict might have used the occasion to issue a stern call to order, but he did nothing of the sort."

I'm glad to hear that you know only faithful Catholic priests. This is very good news for the future of the Church in your community. Frankly, I also know several young NO priests who are virtually all exemplary Catholics working hard to restore the Church.

Anonymous said...

I emphasize the term I used was "less likely" to support the Pope, as if those priests who celebrate the mass that is *approved* by Rome and our faithful Holy Father *are by that fact* less than Catholic. Sure, there are disobedient priests on both sides of the aisle, but don't use the approved mass (NO)as a label for disobedience. It is not accurate. I submit this not as disrespect to you, but rather in great respect of Holy Priests.