Oct 13, 2006

Bless and Protect This House

A very good friend and her husband were disturbed with the Catholic parishes and schools in their area. They recently moved to a new location and built a beautiful new house where the older children could attend a good Catholic school and the Novus Ordo Mass was more reverent. The new house is in the country, and all the children now have their own rooms. However, the husband told me of his family's several recent encounters with unknown forces that left me with concern.

The oldest daughter in bed said she was slapped twice on the face with a loud 'bang' or explosion each time. The youngest daughter lying on her stomach felt a large book fall on her back--but nothing was there. The husband/father was trying to get to sleep when he clearly heard children whispering; but when he shone his flashlight around the bedroom the door was closed and no one was there. He said he has felt uneasy for some time about the house he was building. Finally, his wife was reading a book late at night and heard what seemed like mice crawling and gnawing in the ceiling of the bedroom. She also heard a person breathing.

The husband is a convert to Catholicism--a very good man who takes his new faith very seriously. The family prays daily before statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary. The children know all their standard prayers, including the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, but it is the children's heartfelt extemporaneous prayers that make this family seem exceptional. Another person who met and then stayed with them was also very impressed with the strong Catholic faith exhibited by this family.

The husband asked me a number of questions about the devil the last time we met. He believes the odd goings-on may be the result of demons, and he wonders how this could happen in a brand-new house. He has placed crucifixes in his daughters' rooms and no further problems have occurred. Now he is trying to find a priest to bless the home and a priest has agreed to meet with him this coming week. I suggest that the priest also consecrate the family and their new house to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the meantime, they should sprinkle each room in their house with holy water, especially Epiphany water.

My husband and I welcomed our old pastor to bless our new house over 45 years ago. We placed a picture of the Sacred Heart in our living room and consecrated ourselves and our home to His honor and protection. I'm convinced that this action of our early marriage has paid many dividends in protecting our family and home from assaults of all kinds.


Radical Catholic Mom said...

Discovery Channel ran a segment on a family with this very problem. Ask your friend to research the land they are on. Is it a burial ground? Was there ever a murder there? You live in MO so that used to be Indian Country. Maybe the Native Americans have a history there. In any case, I would hands down have a priest exorcise the house.

Dust I Am said...

The family says that a house originally on the farmland was destroyed years ago and was located several hundred feet away. You're the second person I've talked to that recommended the priest exorcise the house--which I will pass on to my friend.

fox said...

don't forget about St. Benedict's medals on all the window sills, blessed Palm crosses in the corners of the house, holy water spritzed in all the bedrooms prior to bedtime.

The devil is a jerk and can attack anyone at anytime -- so it doesn't necessarily have to do with the house. IT could be because they are distancing themselves from the secular world they were living in and trying to live a holier life, etc.

M. Alexander said...

There are also prayers of Excorcism by Pope Leo that the father of the family can say over the family until a priest can come.

Definitely sounds like classic cases of demonic manifestation. I hope they can stay there.

Go all out w/ the holy water, daily Rosary, scapulars for everyone and the St. Michael prayer!!!!

The sooner a priest can come the better!

M. Alexander said...

Here is the link for the family. It says only a priest may say them. I didn't know this- my dh said these prayers with and over us after my dd spent a night at a friend's house where I learned they were having incidents of demonic manifestation.

After the priest came to bless the house, the manifestations stopped.


Dust I Am said...

A very young and concerned priest came to the house within a day and also stayed for dinner. He brought his books of prayers with him and blessed the house. He visited each room and sprinkled it with holy water. Finally blessed, crossed palms were placed at the four corners of the house.

The family continues to pray daily, as they had before, to St. Michael the Archangel.

Result--no more bad stuff has happened! [Except for the terrible time I've had in getting Blogger to accept this comment!]

Therese_Rose_Morning said...

Father Gabriel Amorth (exorcist priest) recommends in cases like that to have a priest exorcise oil, salt and water (three powerful sacramentals that have fallen into disuse in the modern catholic life)for you, then you can mix them together, and bless all the windows and doors/openings into the house by smugding the mixture in the form of a cross onto one of the sides of each opening, while praying the Our Father.

My family tried this after we had repeated problems (even after having the house blessed twice!) with weird happenings in our house, and it did indeed work.

Fr. Amorth also said that if the problem lingers even after a priest has exorcised the house and property, and you have tried the above blessing of the windows and doors, then mass should be celebrated in the house, and definitely a daily rosary prayed.

Dust I Am said...

It's been two weeks since the young priest blessed the house of my friend. Since then, the lady says they have caught almost ten mice in the house--especially in the ceiling area above their bedroom. This explains the gnawing sounds heard by the lady, but not the other more dramatic experiences of the two daughters and the husband.