Oct 4, 2006

Will You be a Pollworker on November 7?

The only paying job that my Mother ever had was pollworking in an election back in the '30s. She is very proud of that, too! Citizens who love their country volunteer to be pollworkers once every two years and make sure their elections are well-run with no cheating. I've even done it a couple of times.

To register as a pollworker in Missouri, click on http://www.sos.mo.gov/pollworker/ or call (800)-669-8683. The pay is as much as $100 per day.

In Kansas, contact your local election office to volunteer. Students as young as 16 can become pollworkers in Kansas and are paid $110 per day in Johnson County. Find out more here.

Some counties in Kansas have a good system for voting. Marked paper ballots are slipped through the computer counting machine at each voting place. In case of challenges, there are always paper records to verify vote totals at each precinct recorded by the machine. DON'T EVER LET A COUNTY INSTALL A COMPUTERIZED SYSTEM THAT AVOIDS KEEPING A PAPER RECORD OF YOUR VOTE!

BTW, did you know that Kansas City, KS allows voter registration in Spanish? I worry that non-citizens will register and vote because all that one has to do is submit a photo id and something official (bill) with a name and address on it. It isn't even necessary to write the last four digits of your SSN or produce a driver's license ID. Just write 'none' in those two boxes! Talk about the potential for voter fraud !!#@!

People born in the U.S. learn English by the age of 18. Naturalized citizens must know English to be U.S. citizens. So why is voter registration in Spanish needed? Just another time when bad politicians did the wrong thing.

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