Jan 24, 2007

Letters to a Catholic Scientologist

Wolftracker made me remember these two letters I wrote to a Catholic Scientologist several years ago.


Dear _____,

Your comment that you were going to ______ for a Scientology retreat of six months duration troubled me greatly. You have always been a kind and generous man, a practicing Catholic, and I believe that many months in this hostile environment will remove you forever from the truths of Christianity.

You mentioned that there was really something to Scientology, which I assume means that they really can improve IQ, social skills, and problem solving abilities by controlling matter, energy, space, and time. Doesn’t this focal point on obtaining power and intelligence represent the perennial promises of Satan? A Christian knows that he is continually affected by the “sin of Adam,” and because of our sins Jesus Christ died on the cross. Otherwise, His sacrifice has no meaning.

Scientology teaches that there are "gods above other gods, and gods beyond the gods of the universes" (Scientology 8-8008, p. 72). Many other teachings of Scientology are anti-Christian, and are noted on many web sites.

Am I wrong to wonder whether you are doing this for your wife and children, perhaps with the best of intentions? If so, Scientology teaches that, after becoming a Scientologist, you will lose her if you disconnect from Scientology.

_____, I will continue to pray that you do not waver in your total reliance on Jesus Christ, our Saviour. The enclosed Prayer Against Satan and the Rebellious Angels is very powerful and seems appropriate at this time. I hope you will say it daily.

With affection, [dustiam]


Dear _____,

It’s taken a month to respond to your detailed letter of June __ because I really wanted to find out more about Scientology and its beliefs and practices. Because you are a confirmed Scientologist, you may not want to consider any specific adverse comments on Hubbard’s work. However, I still believe you are a thinking man and that certain queries may spark a better understanding of your life as a Scientologist. Your answers to the following eight rhetorical questions should be only for yourself.

Q1: Do you try to recruit more people into Scientology than you try to introduce people to Jesus in the Eucharist and the Catholic faith?

Q2: Are Hubbard's teachings ever wrong? Do you believe any criticism of Scientology is acceptable? Which teachings are wrong?

Q3: Has Scientology become your "way of life"?

Q4: Do you believe in reincarnation? Is reincarnation reconcilable with Jesus’ parable of Lazarus and St. Paul’s words in Hebrews 9:26?

Q5: Have you reviewed the original writings of Hubbard published before 1984? Is it possible different page numbers exist in different versions of 8-8008? [Scientology has been busy rewriting itself after it secured Hubbard's copyrights after his death.]

Q6: Are you aware that the Reactive Mind postulate has been disproven in controlled scientific experiments?

Q7: Isn't the context of the aforementioned 8-8008 quote by Hubbard even more disturbing about his view of religion? "There are gods above all other gods, and gods beyond the gods of universes, but it were better, far better, to be a raving madman in his cell than to be a thing with the ego, cruelty, and jealous lust that base religions have set up to make men grovel down."

Q8: Are you always being promised super-human abilities on the “next” level? Do these higher levels always cost more money?

_____, I hope the above questions do not offend you, but cause you to have a better understanding of your new life as a committed Scientologist. You, ___, and your ___ dear children remain in my prayers.


cranky said...

What happened after that?

Dust I Am said...

I don't know. He never answered my second letter. His wife was still in town some months later, so perhaps he never left for the 6-month Scientology retreat.

a trad friend said...

Did you ever get a horrible sinking feeling, like your heart was melting away, when that friend of yours left reason for madness?

I'm going through the same thing, in fact, your letters there remind me of the dialogue going on between me and a fellow Trad who is thoroughly confused and is thinking of leaving the Catholic faith.

If anyone would like to rally to help save a soul, please visit http://ladyfettscantina.blogspot.com/

The more the merrier; help dispel the confusion and doubt. Be missionaries of the blogosphere!

God bless!