Jan 17, 2007

Young Warriors

Wolftracker would like Mother Angelica and EWTN to develop movies that train our young men in chivalry to fight the battles that will recover our Church and society. The Endless Knot has been mentioned very favorably a couple of times in responses sent to Wolftracker's post. I picked up the novel and turned to a random page (p. 163) and this is what I read:

“These are bleak times,” said Arthur, filling his glass. “One wonders what our descendents will think, several centuries hence.”

“I should think,” said Father, “they will regard our century with astonishment. They will wonder at how the Church divested Herself of all that made Her precious and unique. They will marvel at the hedonism of our culture, and the resulting self-destruction of our society. And, I suspect, they will regard those of us who stand firm against the chaos with the same awe and fervor that we apply to, say King Arthur.”

Arthur stared at Father incredulously. “You're not serious.”

“But of course I am,” said Father. “Do you think King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table had any idea that they would some day be the object of legend?--that books, plays, and movies would be made about their adventures? Certainly not. They were just men of Good Will who saw a job that needed doing, who swore their allegiance to the Church first and their monarch second, and then went about doing what they could.”

“But they were heroes,” said Jonathan, “valiant soldiers, warriors.”

“They were young men,” said Father, “not a great deal different than you fine fellows. I suspect they decided to band together in a meeting, just as informal—and yet somehow as formal—as the ones you hold here in my rectory. They wore breastplates, carried shields, and fought with swords, for that was the tenor of their day. You dress formally, study the doctrines of the Church, and fight with words, for that is the raw material you have to work with in your century.”

Read the rest of The Endless Knot--it's a good story and you can buy it here. I've heard the sequel is even better.



An excellent random excerpt, Dusty. I will buy it and read it with zest.

romanreb said...

There are TWO sequels, both excellent, and a THIRD seguel coming out later this month! Sure is FUN to read about people who actually think and feel like you do!

Dena said...

I have not enjoyed a series of books this much in many years. They are heartwarming, *funny*, and tear-provoking, while all the while they constantly reinforce solid Catholic teaching. I have learned so much from these books about the history of our faith - things I can't believe I didn't know before! - that it only makes me love Holy Mother Church all the more, warts and all. These books leave you wanting more, more, more. Please continue to spread the word and support this very fine, truly Catholic, author.

Anonymous said...

These books are, without a doubt, the BEST Catholic books I've EVER read on 'how to be *truly* Catholic'. They help teach Catholics how to have a Catholic CONSCIENCE (and what-the-heck that IS) while being *hugely* entertaining. They're funny, beautifully and imaginatively written (you can't put 'em down), and sometimes hair-raisingly scary. Readers: do NOT try to start these books on a work-night. You will not put them down, and then you'll end up reading ALL night-long. Meals will go uncooked, laundry undone, etc. SO...have lots of frozen entrees stocked up, laundry caught up...and read these on your weekend :-) - and enjoy!

fox said...


I am currently reading this book now. It is very good! Highly recommended for all Traditional Catholics (and for N.O. Catholics who wish to be enlightened)