Feb 5, 2007

Lives of Wasted or Misspent Time

Each one of us has times in the past which we regret. I remember a good priest wistfully telling us that if only he had let the Blessed Virgin Mary have her way completely, that he could have accomplished so much more. He seemed quite sorry that it took most of his life to find this out.

Do you have a similar regret? My regret is that about twenty years ago, I believed God was telling me that I should quit paid work and do more as a volunteer for His causes. I didn't say 'no' to God, I just told him 'wait...' It was a wrong decision, because pretty soon He quit asking. At the time of my final judgment, I'm sure He will let me fully understand the consequences of not immediately saying 'yes'.

It's always good to ask God for His direction in our lives. But it is even more important to take it when He offers guidance.

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