Feb 17, 2007

What's the Best Thing....?

What's the best thing God ever did for you? I'd like to hear some stories from readers. Here are some of my answers--Yes, God has done so many things for me I shout for joy at his extreme generosity. He has given me:
  • Wonderful parents, including a mother who continues to inspire me with her many examples of selflessness, patience, and strong faith
  • Intelligence and good health, some of which I've used well and some not so well
  • A small defect that kept me from becoming even more proud
  • A great Catholic husband, who takes seriously his duty to get his wife to heaven!
  • Children and grandchildren who are practicing Catholics
  • Several traditional Catholic communities from which to choose in Kansas City
God has always answered my prayers, in His time and in His will. So many gifts God has given me that they are uncountable. Yet two stories need to be briefly told. Many years ago, some of us prolifers tried to battle the forces of Satan on their turf within the women's liberation movement. I remember praying very hard in a long car drive that we be allowed to succeed and in most ways, we did. It seemed almost impossible, but the women's liberation movement had a serious setback.

The second gift from God was much more personal and awe inspiring. A close relative had two serious diseases, one indicating certain death of the soul and the other indicating certain death of the body. Yet God permitted both diseases to progress to a very, very happy ending. I've written up the story in detail, but the person involved is still reluctant for me to tell it.

The story involves the devil, St. Therese of the Little Flower (yes, she sent roses just as she promised), and the special protection of a relic of the Cross of Jesus held in the most beautiful reliquary I've seen outside a museum. All kinds of God-sent blessings came during the events which resulted in the turning of a person who was the most selfish individual I've ever met to the most considerate and loving Catholic person less than six months later. And the miracles have lasted for over 20 years. Thanks be to God for all his blessings!


cranky said...


1. Easter happened
2. I accepted it as real
3. Fell in love with future wife
4. She accepted it as real
5. Found the Church.
6. She accepted me by Grace.
7. I live in a country where I can practice being a Catholic.
8. The Bible and the Catechism
9. I can read.
10. That I'm loved by God.
11. That the Internet was invented by Al Gore as my personal playground.

Radical Catholic Mom said...

oh my goodness! Where can I start? Listed in no particular order.

1. Of course, my husband & daughter.
2. My parents and siblings.
3. All of the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation.
4. The Freedom to Choose God.
5. And, God paid my college bill after I emptied out my account for my tithe. He really paid it. When I went to the business office, my account was paid in full. AND, when I was raising funds for a daycare in Ecuador, God had my best friend unknowingly (on her part) tithe the exact amount we were missing for the grand total.
6. All the wealth He has blessed me with.
7. All of His Saints who He allows to intercede for me and answer my prayers.
8. And all of the great Catholics I have met through the blogdom.

wolftracker said...

Dusty, great idea for a post. If I may break form and offer only one thing, I am glad saw fit to be patient with me during my years of unbelief. To think that I could have died during those years and what would have then become of me. Well, like I said, I am glad God has seen fit to be patient with me. However, now, I am sure his patience has been taxed and I remind myself of this often.

Dust I Am said...

What wonderful lists of God's blessings! May He be praised eternally for His Divine Goodness!

Chad Toney said...

Great topic.

I might write a list, but without a doubt, my top pick would be the gift of my son, Brendan. He'll be 2 in April.

I've wanted to be a daddy since I was a young boy. I "baby sat" other kids since I was 13. Having my own son is a dream-come-true.