Mar 21, 2007

China--Hope and Frustration

The Chinese government says it needs more Catholic priests because "Catholicism encourages love and tolerance for others, which can help promote the building of a harmonious society in the country." The China Daily article can be read from the perspective of Hope and the perspective of Frustration.

  1. New Chinese priests likely will learn Catholic doctrine, even in state-controlled seminaries, to pass on to new converts
  2. New converts to Catholicism will likely increase because of more priests and churches
  3. A respect for Catholic principles, even though adulterated, may favorably influence some Chinese leaders
  4. Catholics will become more active and respected in Chinese society, sponsoring schools, orphanages, and medical clinics
  1. Chinese patriotic priests may never be able to preach their faith without communist adulteration--such as compromising with abortion-- which means they can never be reconciled with Rome
  2. "Catholic" medical clinics and schools will justify moral evils--including the "end justifies the means"--resulting in a caricature of the Catholic religion
  3. New converts are likely not to acknowledge the Pope's leadership of the Church or Christian principles that conflict with Chinese government policy
  4. The schismatic Patriotic Church will continue to be given favors by China, which seem to be tied to the increasing suppression of the underground church loyal to the Pope.

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