Apr 15, 2007

Greatest Saints of All

Someone with the initials rllw responded to my last post about the forthcoming Motu Proprio with extensive comments. My own response ended with a reference to the greatest saints of all time predicted for the future by a number of past saints, such as St. Louis Marie de Montfort. Here are some of the factors that will make future saints the greatest saints of all:
  1. Their lifetime will be a period of the greatest adversity in history for the Church and its members
  2. The saints will not be just survivors, they will actually thrive in such an adverse age
  3. They will have unwavering voices attracting others to the true Faith in Jesus Christ
  4. They will bring a special beauty into that time
  5. They will inspire many Christian sinners to follow a holy life
  6. Occasionally, they will disappear into seclusion or imprisonment to be restored by Christ
  7. They will have visions
  8. The saints will be both servants of God and awesome warriors who fight His causes
  9. They will be willing Simons and love their enemies, even to the point of risking their own own lives
  10. They will convert heretics and pagans
  11. At times, they will be condemned by both friends and foes
  12. They will not resist saying 'yes' to God's every command as soon as He asks
  13. Between the saints, there will be a special chain of friendships which will be very important to their successes--perhaps communication through a super entangled web
  14. They will encounter and defeat the greatest temptations presented to mankind, both of faith and flesh
  15. They will create order in disorder, charity within divisions, and hope among those who are fearful and helpless in apparent defeat
  16. They will encourage small churches in Catholic homes
  17. They will suffer much and become both dry and wet martyrs


Alison said...

Many homeschooling mothers could fit this bill. I also think that pro-lifers and soldiers could fit the bill too.
I am curious about the vision comment. Could you elaborate a little? Do you mean "vision" or having an apparition?

Dust I Am said...

Many of the great Saints had visions of the world beyond nature, and this is what is likely to be the case. Regardless, future saints will have a clear understanding of what God wants them to do, and may be allowed to see Jesus, Mary, and other manifestations of the supernatural life.

M. Alexander said...

I wish more people read your blog.

em2histbuff33 said...

Great Blog. Hopefully the future Saints can learn from the great examples of those who came before. You have to include Saint Joan as one of the "Greatest Saints of All" Send people to Joan of Arc - MaidofHeaven.com
to learn form her incredible life.

TM Hírek said...

Whether one is a saint or not cannot be said by what he does, says or thinks. It is clearly only a matter of his being. A saint lives the unity of life. That's the only criteria. He lives at the same time the ever changing relative field with the never changing absolute field. So he is always established in inner calmness, infinity, unboundedness of his mind, consciousness and yet acts, speaks and thinks as others do. Of course all of his behaviors, thoughts are pure and led by virtuous desires, but from outside it is not possible to say if he is a saint or not. One can only judge or make an assumption. The cause is that a thought, a word or an action can be right at one time and evil at another time depending at the circumstances. It's therefore not wise to give any outer criteria of who is a saint. The fullness of life is very much inside a person that can be ONLY EXPERIENCED. It's not a matter that belongs to the field of thinking, speaking or acting. This is the field of being, that action, speech and tought are not able to reach. Fullness of life is beyond all this, this is the inner, unbounded state of life. When one possesses it all the time, he doesn't have a need for any outer thing in life, but he is able to nourish everything from his unbounded being, consciousness through all of his toughts, speech and action.