Jun 3, 2007

Chinese Leadership & One Child Policy

An official Chinese news site identifies the former occupations of the leaders of the Communist Party of China. Based on the success of the new Chinese technical revolution, I was not too surprised that ALL nine men were trained as engineers.
Hu Jintao--Civil/Hydrological Engineer, hydropower stations
Wu Bangguo--Electronics Engineer, radio electron tubes
Wen Jiabao--Geological Engineer, surveying and prospecting
Jia Qinglin--Electrical/Mechanical Engineer, electric motor and appliance design and manufacture
Zeng Qinghong--Electrical/Mechanical Engineer, automatic controls
Huang Ju--Electrical/Mechanical Engineer, electrical machinery manufacturing
Wu Guanzheng--Mechanical Engineer, thermal measurement and automatic controls
Li Changchun--Electrical/Mechanical Engineer, electric machinery
Luo Gan--Mining and Metallurgical Engineer, machine casting
Engineers are mostly pragmatists--they generally act according to what they observe to work successfully. Therefore, I believe the Chinese leadership will determine that the one-child family is bad for society and the terrible policy will not endure as long as planned. In fact, this may already be happening according to the Wikipedia article on the Chinese one-child policy:
However, some 30 delegates called on the government in the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in March 2007 to abolish the one-child rule because they believe "it creates social problems and personality disorders in young people." and "It is not healthy for children to play only with their parents and be spoiled by them: it is not right to limit the number to two, either." The proposal was prepared by Ye Tingfang, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, who suggested that the government at least restore the previous rule that allowed couples to have up to two children. According to this scholar, "the one-child limit is too extreme. It violates nature’s law and, in the long run, will lead to mother nature’s revenge."[39][40]
May God grant further insights for the Chinese leaders/engineers to see the bad results from abandoning God and His laws of nature. Unfortunately, abortion is still considered the answer to social problems, as in Xi'an Reaches out to Pregnant Girls with Center.


Anonymous said...

I just returned from China, and while I wouldn't say the children are spoiled (most don't have the means for that) they are doted upon. They are also under much more pressure than American youth because it is their sole responsibility to pay for and care for their parents when they get older.
I really think the one child policy is a shame. All of my friends told me their greatest wish was to have a sibling, and they envied me so when I told them I had two little sisters. For their sake I hope the committee does away with the one-child policy

lee said...

Well the consequences would be even worse if they allowed the population to continue exploding unchecked. Really to argue against it is foolish as it really is the least of all evils.