Sep 1, 2007

Arguments with a Philanderer

John C. Wright is in the middle of the fray again and takes on an excuse-making philanderer in a question and answer format. A few explicit words, but they are rightly used. I suspect that some blog writings of ex-atheist Wright may become a new book of apologia for Reason and Reality that will emulate the writings of St. Augustine, John Henry Cardinal Newman, and C.S. Lewis. Wright will have the advantage of hearing the pro and nay comments of many of his listeners before the final script is written, including 87+ responses on the current post. Here's an extract:
The problem is that ideas have consequences: one cannot approve of philandering without disapproving of chastity; and one cannot disapprove of chastity without coming to disapprove, sooner or later, of innocence; and one cannot disapprove of innocence, without, sooner or later, coming to disapprove of children, motherhood, patriotism, wholesomeness, beauty in art and logic in philosophy, and eventually all the other good and natural things in life.

The same argument you give to excuse philandering can be used, word for word, to excuse cowardice, cannibalism, opium-smoking, bear-baiting, suicide or any other vice or injustice.

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