Oct 3, 2007

Madonna's Conversion

For quite a while, I've prayed that the singer, Madonna, would have a conversion and return to the Catholic church. It would seem to be a great conversion story. However as the years have passed, I've come to realize that if she did convert, no one would believe her. Especially because her notoriety is based on shocking change after change to engender additional publicity.

Madonna's mother died of breast cancer when she five years old, leaving six children. Did Madonna grieve? I'm sure she did, but her personality is such that I would bet that very quickly she became angry--ANGRY at God for taking her mother. Children can make promises at a very young age. Did Madonna tell God that she would be His adversary because of her Mother? I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised, considering the life Madonna has led.

Madonna's anger might have resembled that of a nice young man of about 17 years, Justin, who told me recently his favorite Grandpa had died about three months ago. Justin said he had stopped going to church because God took his Grandpa. Fortunately, an older man has talked to Justin about God's providence and wisdom, even in death. Justin said he has let go of his anger and returned to worshiping God.

So, what if my prayers are not answered and Madonna dies while still angry with God (if she actually is angry). I believe God gave his grace (perhaps a little because of my prayers), to another public person who would have a much more profound religious conversion, John C. Wright. I've mentioned this well-known author before because he is well-read and knowledgeably combats the relativism, hedonism, and atheism of today's world in posts that are interspersed with writing about science fiction. Frankly, Wright is a much better catch for God than would be Madonna. If you haven't visited Wright's daily journal (blog), please check it out. He isn't all there, yet, but seems to be following much the same path as C.S. Lewis once did.

BTW, I'll still continue praying for Madonna's conversion, even if an actual change of life cannot be believed as being genuine by anyone.

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Alison said...

I had a friend who prayed for Jerry Garcia all the time. Interestly, she was praying a 30 day novena--Holy Mass, Holy Communion and a Rosary each day. On the 30th day, he died in rehab. I am happy for him that he had the benefit of her prayers. No one really knows what might have happened in his final hour but there is reason for hope. You are kind to pray for Madonna.