Dec 22, 2007

Christmas Gift for Jesus

The Curt Jester says the hardest person to buy a Christmas gift for is Jesus. "What do you buy for the person who made everything?" Seriously, it's the most important gift of the whole Christmas season. All gifts result in Jesus being more generous than the givers. A previous gift that gave the most back to me was my New Year's resolution to stay in church after Mass ended for a more adequate thanksgiving. Highly recommended!

This year my Christmas gift to Jesus will be to promise to imitate St. Alphonsus Liguori who vowed never to waste time. The saint kept his vow until he died at the age of ninety-one. I've been practicing for the past two weeks in preparation for the new year, but the effort is much more difficult than expected and it's not going too well. Yet even a little bit of success will result in more prayers offered, more spiritual works performed, more good books read, and more consistency in writing this blog.

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