Jan 4, 2008

Latest about Msgr. Heliodore Mejak

A recent post discussed the world-wide interest in Msgr. Mejak, who died late on Christmas Eve. Since then, I've been watching Google to see that the web is full of information on Msgr. Mejak's life and death, including these news sites:
Local blogs keep track of their traffic using SiteMeter that shows 'hits' because of Google searches that identify the websites and blogs with information on Msgr. Mejak. My fellow blogger at Kansas City Catholic reports that his site had a significant amount of traffic from visitors who were searching for "Mejak" using Google. "I sent my post to Spiritdaily.com which linked to it and brought almost 3,000 visitors yesterday. He was well-loved, as you already know."

Here are other blogs that have featured stories on Msgr. Mejak.
KC Cyclone on the Angelqueen Forum added his own interesting comment:
Fr. Mejak baptized me. I went to the parish school. We always received communion at the communion rail on our tongues, had benediction after Sunday Mass and on First Fridays. I remember in 7th grade we learned the Latin Kyrie, Gloria, etc for the Midnight Christmas Mass. I also remember serving his Mass, and seeing the XXXX marked through the Sign of Peace in the Altar Missal.
One emailed comment to my previous posts said this blog failed to note all the information available on the life of Msgr. Mejak. Please read the entire 2003 Leaven article by Bethanne Scholl entitled:
Faith of our Fathers: He's ancient of days. He can't see very well. And he has been known to be slow to change. But at age 93 Msgr. Heliodore Mejak has no intention of calling it quits.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to clarify that the Kyrie is in Greek and not latin.