Feb 11, 2008

Choices of Periodicals

This post is meant to encourage others to consider subscribing to these magazines and newspapers. No order or ranking is implied, other than is indicated in my comments.

: I've subscribed to this small Catholic newspaper for almost 40 years, and when it was published by Walter Matt and featured Michael Davies as its premier columnist, no other periodical best matched my own views. Walter retired and his young son took over as editor, but it seemed there was an occasional unwise selection of columnists and stories. Fortunately, Michael Matt now has matured into an editor who exemplifies the best of his father. Poor columnists and stories no longer appear, and I highly recommend this traditional Catholic newspaper. The Remnant website is excellent, especially because of its many links to current Catholic news.

THE PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY REPORT: I started subscribing in about 1970 to this small politically conservative publication that arrives monthly in a #10 envelope. Phyllis advertises her monthly report as containing more information per page than any other publication, and I agree. Current and past reports are available online at Eagle Forum. I could speak for an hour on the work that the 81-year old Mrs. Schlafly has accomplished over the years--leading the effort to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, stopping pro-aborts in the Republican Party, giving one of the first examples of homeschooling, and exemplifying the best of an active Catholic mother of six children, etc. Her daily rosary is said in thanksgiving to God for the defeat of the ERA.

THE WANDERER: Finally The Wanderer has a website! I've subscribed to this Catholic newspaper since about 1967 when my spiritual Godmother gave me a trial subscription. Totally supportive of the Pope, it criticized actions of liberal bishops which contributed greatly to my understanding of how the Church's current problems resulted from the top down, not from the bottom up. The newspaper continues to be a key source of information on Catholic events in the U.S. and world. Father Z is a columnist, as are Pat Buchanan and other conservative Catholics.

THE LEAVEN and THE CATHOLIC KEY: What can I say??? I used to read these periodicals of the Kansas City, KS and the Kansas City, MO dioceses to find out what the enemy inside the Catholic Church was doing. Now both Bishops write excellent commentaries that show how the Church is being and must be restored. I highly recommend the editorials written by both Bishops.

CATALYST: Give Bill Donohue the credit for making significant headway against the social and political assaults on Catholicism. This Journal of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights describes the many instances of anti-Catholicism and shows how the Catholic League is responding with intelligence and force. A true example of good Catholic militancy!

AFA Journal: The American Family Association publishes a good periodical of Christian activism to lead the fight against those who opposes traditional values. These Protestants are the ones who have done the most to expose homosexuality in the media, and they were among the first to recommend that all computers connected to the internet have filters to protect children. Their current boycott is against Ford Motor Co. for supporting groups that want homosexual marriage. The February 2008 issue of the AFA Journal features "Looming Confrontation: Can Apathetic Christianity Withstand the Challenge of a Radical and Agressive Form of Islam?."

FINANCIAL TIMES: I recommend this 6 times/week UK newspaper with a U.S. edition because it is so full of in-depth international as well as national news. Recent multi-page sections have focused on China and the Internet. A most informative newspaper on the secular world.

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