Sep 17, 2008

Gardening for Deer

This year, the garden has a bumper crop -- of DEER! I don't see them in the day, but they turn on the backyard light at night. The deer I saw at 3:15 am was ambling along the fence where I planted new thornless blackberries this spring.

The evidence of deer is reflected in these photos of destruction in my garden, vineyard, and orchard.

1. Thornless blackberry plants which have had to regrow their leaves several times this summer after being eaten by deer.

2. Concord grape vines with many missing leaves that were munched by deer during the past three weeks.

3. Apple tree with bottom apples and leaves that are gone. Yes, some of those lower-hanging apples were eaten by grandchildren, but not all. Even the antleered one [NOT a grandchild!] is willing to come out from hiding to eat the apples!

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