Oct 20, 2008

Pillow-less through the Election

Do you like to sleep with your pillow? I certainly do. But I've decided to be pillow-less through election day on Tuesday, November 4. The kids at St. John's Middle School in Beloit, KS have initiated a Crucial Pillow Fight:
Sleep without your pillow till the election! Redemptive suffering (Col. 1:24) is worth every toss and every turn during the night. Email us at pillowfight4life@yahoo.com to notify us of your commitment to the cause! We currently have over 450 pillow-less warriors...we need the pillow off your bed!
My mother was able to keep a straight back through her nineties by always sleeping on her back without a pillow. Even though I've tried to imitate her, I've always regressed. This time I will pursue the sacrifice with a much more rigorous attitude because of the exceedingly grave consequences of the coming election.

I've discovered that St. John's Catholic school system is unique among Catholic schools in the country. Most large cities have shut down their Catholic schools, but Beloit with only 4,000 population supports Catholic education from kindergarten through high school. Here's the website of their parish.

Another aside: Did you know that nuns in cloistered convents sleep only on their backs without pillows? At least that's what one Carmelite community told me.

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Alison said...

I love my pillow too. I think it is a great sacrifice and something children as well as adults can do.
I also liked your comment about Catholic schools. I met a former Chancery employee who just thought the Catholic church should give up Catholic schools. That is so sad. Even as a homeschool mom, I truly believe in the need for the Catholic Church to educate children in a Catholic manner. I also know personally some great products of the Catholic schools in Beloit.