Oct 15, 2008

Research and Read It for Yourself

I've struggled how to approach some friends who have said that as Democrats they will vote for Obama. One way I'm doing that is to send them this email.
Because you have told me you will vote for Barack Obama and I know you are an intelligent reader, please do some private internet searching (googling) before November 4. Search terms should include the word "Obama" plus the following words (you can choose what you want to believe):
  1. Abortion partial birth
  2. Gay rights
  3. Acorn voter fraud
  4. "Huntley Brown"
  5. "Janet Porter" Muslim
  6. "Jeremiah Wright"
  7. "Bill Ayers" "Bernadine Dohrn"
  8. "Frank Marshall Davis" "Sex Rebel"
  9. mother mercer atheist
  10. dreams socialist meetings
  11. Occindental college record

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