Nov 25, 2008

FSSP and ICKSP Latin Mass Priests

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) recently updated their numbers of priests, deacons, and seminarians. The statistics are quite impressive, considering that college graduates are required to be formed for seven more years before being ordained:
  • Total members: 347
  • Total Priests: 208
  • Total Deacons: 11
  • Non-deacon seminarians: 128
  • Deceased members: 4
  • Nationalities: 26
  • Average age of members: 37 years
Founded in 1988, FSSP members are now active on four continents, 17 countries, and 102 dioceses. The Fraternity has ordained an average of 13 new priests a year since 2000 to offer the old Latin Mass, the most reverent of Catholic liturgies. FSSP seminaries are located near Denton, Nebraska and at Wigratzbad, Germany.

In 1990, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICKSP) was formed to offer the old Latin Mass. The ICKSP has 35 houses in ten countries, 50 priests, and have trained more than 60 seminarians in 15 years. They have 13 apostolates in the U.S. staffed by ICKSP priests trained at their International Seminary near Florence, Italy.

Kansas City is fortunate to have both FSSP and ICKSP priests serving local Catholic communities. The websites of the two indult Latin Mass groups are found here and here. More information on the indult Latin Masses in Kansas City and St. Joseph is published here.

A third Latin Mass community in Kansas City is St. Vincent's Catholic Church which is staffed by priests of the irregular Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). St. Vincent's is described here and here. Rorate Coeli continues to publish the most recent news on the possible healing of the rift between the Vatican and the SSPX.


Anonymous said...

I hope they both continue to grow; because in many cities it is still enormously difficult to attend an FSSP or ICRSP Tridentine Latin Mass.

Also, it is important for growth to happen soon in America; because there is still significant resistance to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite of Mass. In many dioceses, the small footprint of the FSSP, for example, doesn't help their cause in the minds of many -- it makes folks who attend the Latin Mass look like fringe-end kooks or as some sort of extremists.

Much of the Catholic world is influenced by what Catholics do in America, so hopefully the Latin Mass continues to grow. Probably the best way for this to happen is for the FSSP and the ICRSP to start running their own schools within the diocese; as this (in my opinion) is where many vocations are born. But there are also many good men with older vocations too, though -- I think older vocations are important to the Church as well.

Also, an advertising campaign wouldn't hurt either; as long as there is money to do it, of course. What an impact a 30-second Latin Mass commercial would have on national television in this country!

Anonymous said...

tneryu97Fringing the PARENT latin mass faternity with well over 500+ priests and growing with four major seminaries, is a dis-service although you articule did give them an honourable mention and refrained from the insulting pejorative Lefavhrists.Bear in mind the Faternal Society of St. Pius 10th is the parent to two large and growing fraternities whether they like to admit it or not FSSP and Good Shephard. Sadly there have also been other ruptures in the other direct, that of Sede-vacantism CMRI and SSPV come to mind. Liberal revisionists in the vatican curia will do all in their power to make sure a reunion DOES NOT occurn lying cheating and forgeries are not beneath their post vatican mindset,or the Bugnini mentality Shalom

proudmomoffive said...

I belong to an FSSP community in Houston, TX and have visited other FSSP parishes in Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Harrisburgh PA, etc. The FSSP in general is very big in homeschooling and co-op for homeschoolers with a very traditional catholic curriculum. They see the traditional catholic homeschooling movement as a great opportunity for rescuing the culture back in the hands of Christendom. Normally they have 2 or 3 priests per apostolate and that helps a lot with the sacraments and the rest of the parish life. It it true that in America traditional Catholics are seen as freaks, fanatics or extremists, but that is a burden we must carry and offer it up to Our Blessed Mother, as the world grows darker and deepens into inmorality, we must realize that we will be persecuted in may ways, starting from those in our own Catholic Church, the modernists and relativists.