Jan 28, 2009

New March for Life Movie

Jack Cashill announces on his website that he is making a new movie!

Today, in Washington D.C., on the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Liberty University law professor Phill Kline will be joining scores of thousands of other protestors in the annual March For Life.

I am here as well. We are shooting the first ever high-end documentary of the march. Called “Thine Eyes,” it will be narrated by the ever-lovely actress Jennifer O’Neill, who is also here. (Please see ThineEyes.org for details).

Few people in Washington, however, will have paid the price Kline did to get here. Just two weeks ago, Kline was the District Attorney of Kansas City’s most affluent suburban county.

Two years ago, Kline was Attorney General of the state of Kansas. Four years before that, when he was elected AG, the then 42 year-old Kline showed real promise of becoming a national political leader....

Read the rest of Cashill's column here. Phill Kline is a true 'dry' martyr for the pro-life cause. I hope he is generously featured in Cashill's new movie.

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