Aug 2, 2006

Swimming in the Tide

Traditionalists now are swimming in the beginning of the slack tide that occurs when the tidal current slowly switches direction from the ebb tide to the flood tide. The past forty years, we have tried to swim against a strong ebb current that has taken many Catholics out to sea to drown. Lots of people did not survive because of not swimming smart enough or hard enough against the liberal beliefs and practices of the ebb current.

Many, if not most, of the survivors were fit (through exercise of their faith) to either swam strongly enough against the ebb current and preserve their faith. Or they swam at a right angle to the current to get out of the ebb tide sweeping them to sea. In other words, they swam to waters that were more tranquil or to islands, such as the traditional Latin Mass or a traditional parish.

We can expect the slack tide to ultimately become a flood tide, where Catholics will return to terra firma.


Curmudgeon said...

Rather optimistic. Some of us have a little ebb tide yet to go, I'd say.

Lee said...

I have always prefered surfing, myself.
It's definitely more righteous!

Lynne said...

It's a nice optimistic thought!

Dust I Am said...

I observe any advances of the modernists now being offset by advances on the traditionalist front. Right now there is a stalemate--we are in a "slack tide."