Sep 27, 2006

Archbishop Milingo

We have not heard the rest from Archbishop Milingo. A couple of weeks ago, he met with representatives of Dan Brown, the author of The DaVinci Code, about working on a new novel and a new movie. AllAfrica News reports from Zambia:
the Catholic newspapers reported that Milingo met with representatives of Dan Brown to discuss the possibilities of working with him on a new novel about exorcisms.

In addition to his work with Brown on the new novel, Milingo is also said to have reached an agreement to collaborate with Sony Pictures in the production of a film based on Brown's earlier novel entitled 'Angels and Demons'.

Milingo and Dan Brown are scheduled to have a meeting in late September or early October at Gatwick.

Does Dan Brown have money to give AB Milingo? Probably. Will Milingo with money be in he news again. Probably. BTW, the Canon Lawyer Ed Peters explains the status of AB Milingo and discusses whether the ordinations/consecrations of four new bishops are valid.

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