Sep 26, 2006

Vatican Chapel vs. Padre Pio's Chapel

Sean Cardinal O'Malley has a new blog with lots and lots of pictures. Two of the more interesting photos he took on his trip to Italy are of two rooms where Mass is offered. The first picture is of a room in the residence where Cardinal Sean stayed. Although it is set up for Mass, see how plain and unCatholic it appears to be.

There are no statues, no tabernacle, only one (presumably religious) painting on a side wall, and a simple white curtain to the back. The altar appears inconsequential, too. I had to look hard to see the very small crucifix on the table.

Now compare the photo of the room in the Vatican residence with the small room where Padre Pio offered Mass. Padre Pio's room is a much more beautiful place to offer Mass, don't you agree? The small altar used by Padre Pio looks like it was made for the Mass. Also observe the lovely backlit statue of Mary above the altar, the tabernacle, a wonderfully ornate altar cloth, and the slightly raised platform of the altar. (I still don't see a crucifix, however.)

Several photos also caught my attention because they appear to show Cardinal O'Malley distributed Holy Communion on the tongues of the communicants in all five cases.

Finally, I was afraid comments would not be enabled in his blog because it is not one of the 'canned' types--that it would be all one-sided from him to us. I'm glad to see that I was wrong, and I wish the Cardinal success on his worthy endeavor.

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Curmudgeon said...

I think I do see St. Pio's crucifix. The crossbeam is lost in the base of the madonna.

Or maybe I don't