Sep 2, 2006

Internet Pornography in the Schools

Mrs. M, my friend in the 'nut-house' (that what she calls her nursing home!), called a few minutes ago to tell me about an extended discussion she had with the room janitor. They discussed whether pornography could be accessed by students on public school computers, and the young man said, "yes." She then called a friend who said that internet pornography at public schools was not filtered. Moreover, a substitute teacher in a nearby public school was found to have pornography on his school computer and nothing was done.

Mrs. M. is going to call the public school office on Tuesday morning and also will call the local TV stations. She's brave and determined--and I wish people who were healthy were determined to do as much as Mrs. M does from a shared phone in nursing home.

You see, Mrs. M has a son who is in prison for a long time because he plead guilty to pedophilia. She knows when he comes out, he will be forever labeled a child molester and people won't want to live near him. Mrs. M believes her son's downfall was pornography.


Anonymous said...

I work for a local public school district (KCK) and work on line most of the day. We are allowed to use the computers for personal reasons and I do, after hours. But most news sites automatically take me off the 'net immediately. I can't access Fr. Hardon's site to buy tapes because the word "sex" is on the site somewhere, probably referring to a tape on education. The filters in my district are VERY effective. And the central office can see, at any time, exactly what I am doing; keystroke by keystroke.

Dust I Am said...

I am delighted to hear this about the KCK public school district. Hopefully, filters are being used by other public school districts in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Places of employment sometimes have filters, but some don't. Several years ago, I had to tell a group of employees that one of them had violated company policy on internet access of porno sites, and that it would not be tolerated in the future. Guess what, his addiction was so great that he violated policy again and was immediately fired, even though he was considered an excellent employee.