Sep 1, 2006

The Last Steps of a Ladder to Heaven

Tomorrow is the First Saturday of September and we will honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. My Grandma had a special love of Mary and would say five rosaries each day until the day she died (almost 100 years after she was born). When things would go wrong, I always heard her exclaim, "Mary, Help me!" (in her native European language).

One time Grandma told me this story of an intense dream she had when she was young. In her dream, she was climbing a ladder to heaven. Others were climbing their own ladders--some with more strength than others, and some were falling to the ground only to begin again.

The climbing was very hard, especially as Grandma reached higher and higher in the sky. Several times, she had to stop because she had no strength to continue, but then she would resume climbing again. Finally, she could see heaven and God waiting for her, but as she climbed closer, her strength totally gave out. Not only was she unable to take another step upward, she felt her grip on the ladder slipping.

As she realized all of her prior efforts to climb to heaven were going to be for nought, suddenly a hand reached down and gently pulled her the rest of the way into heaven. She looked up and saw the face of Mary, the Mother of God.

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