Nov 17, 2006

Bishop Bruskewitz at the Bishops' Conference

EWTN's weekly news, The World Over, is hosted by Raymond Arroyo. This evening Arroyo focused on proceedings of the U.S. Bishops' Conference that is meeting this week in Baltimore. You really need to see the reruns of tonight's program that will be replayed early Saturday morning, November 18, 1 am EST and at several other times in the next couple of days.

Raymond Arroyo shows various clips of U.S. Bishops at the Baltimore meeting, including Bishop Bruskewitz quoting from Pope Benedict who has said a Bishops' Conference is not worth its weight in butterfly wings! (no, he really didn't say quite that--but you get the message). Even if you don't like some of EWTN programming--you should listen to this week's news of the Bishops' Conference as reported by Raymond Arroyo.

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