Nov 12, 2006

Chinese One Dog Policy

The Chinese policy limiting Beijing families to only one child has created an environment similar to the U.S. where people substitute dogs for missing children. Now Beijing authorities are setting a limit on dogs. Only one small dog is allowed per family.

The BBC and others report at least 200 people protested against restrictions on pet dog ownership. The police detained 18 demonstrators, but released them after organizers agreed to disperse the rally.

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Anonymous said...

In my office there are a number of professional middle-aged women who are single--some never married--some divorced and without children. Each of these women has a dog (or dogs) that they talk of (incessantly) and treat (spoil) like children. It is sickening, really. Yet, they seem to have no idea that they are caricutures of their selfish generation that learned to think of children as burdens. What is worse is the money they expend on the care of these dogs. Disgusting, given the truly human needs around us.