Nov 4, 2006

Kansas City Bishops and Newspapers

Bishop Finn of KCMO has performed as a true leader of the Church in mobilizing Catholics to oppose the Stem Cell Initiative on the Missouri ballot innext Tuesday's vote. I'm hoping that a strong "no" vote on the initiative also will allow Senator Jim Talent to retain his seat.

The Catholic Key focuses on the Stem Cell Initiative, too, and notes the attacks against the Catholic church for opposing embryonic stem cell research. It's good we are being condemned for being Catholics in action. Does anyone remember that Jesus was also condemned?

Archbishop Naumann of KCKS was on KCNW 1380 AM -- Catholic Family Radio -- yesterday discussing the anti-life record of KS Governor Kathleen Sibelius. Now that's another brave Catholic bishop that our area hasn't seen the likes of for a very long time!

The Leaven is definitely improving. This week's edition contains a great story on pornography called The Perfect Storm. Moreover, Archbishop Naumann's column again addresses a great concern of mine--cohabiting couples without marriage. He advises them gently, but firmly, on what is wrong with this common modern practice. Wonderful!

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cranky said...

The archbishop is moving (scooting?) to where he needs to be. He's taking stands bishops are supposed to take, stands that could get you martyred.