Nov 1, 2006

Translating News in Italian

I've been watching Rorate Coeli because they seem to have the best information on what is going on in Rome, especially with regard to the liberalization of the old Latin Mass by Pope Benedict XVI. Obviously someone knows how to read and understand the Italian newspapers, such as Il Giornale that keep current on Vatican politics and happenings, including appointments and possible policy decisions.

Translating news in Italian can be done by anyone using the Babel Fish Translator and inserting a web page to translate from Italian to English (or any primary language to another). The translation is very bad, but you can derive most of the meaning.

For example, take the Il Giornale news mentioned by Rorate Coeli. A good translation (provided by Rorate Coeli) is:
In the past few weeks, several French bishops have sent to Rome their lamentations of protest against the "Motu proprio" which would liberalize the pre-Conciliar Mass, but, as it seems, Benedict XVI is decided to move forward, even if with due caution, to heal the mini-schism of archbishop Lefebvre and to assure to the Traditionalist faithful, with an act of liberality, the use of the old missal.
The corresponding translation by Babel Fish is:
In last weeks many French bishops have made to arrive to Rome theirs lamentele in order to protest just against the "Motu" that he would have to liberalize the putting to preconciliate, but to how much he seems, Benedict XVI is decided to also go ahead, with the due cautions, in order to heal the miniscisma of monsignor Lefebvre and to guarantee, with an action of liberalità , to the tradizionalisti faithfuls the use of the old putting them.
Not a very good translation, but you can get the meaning. Of course it is always nice to have a direct translation to English, such as is provided by La Chiesa Online, one of the news sites recommended on my sidebar.

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