Dec 27, 2006

Answers I'm Mostly Ashamed Of

Wolftracker has tagged me with questions initiated by The Curt Jester at the Catholic blog Splendor of Truth. Even though I very rarely participate in such things, I believe there are several good reasons to respond. First, Wolftracker asked me. Second, my answers will show a few of my many weaknesses, which is very good to undermine my pride. Third, the questions address the positive actions we should engage in as Catholics, and provide an excellent incentive to develop New Year's resolutions.

(1) Favorite devotion or prayer to Jesus: There's a small prayerbook that fits in your shirt pocket which was published in 1931 by Fr. F.X. Lasance, Let Us Go to Jesus, and it has been reprinted by The Angelus Press. The prayerbook contains The Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that I learned at Thursday evening novenas in the '40s and '50s. The prayer remains contemporary and asks Jesus to "Be the King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry or of Islamism, and refuse not to draw them all into the light and kingdom of God. " BTW, if you, the reader, want a free copy of the little prayerbook, send your name and mailing address to

(2) Favorite Marian devotion or prayer: The Memorare is probably my favorite. It is certainly the prayer I hope to say at the end of my life. I've even heard it prayed by an actress on a TV police/fire drama when someone had suffered a terrible accident or crime. [That's why it is good for Catholics to become script writers—especially for you, K and E!]

(3) Do you wear a scapular or medal? I wear a 4-way medal in the form of a cross, a cruciform medal. Many years ago, I tried wearing the brown and green scapulars, but they always seemed to get dirty or tangled or the string would tear off. Guess I'm not a very good advertisement for cloth scapulars.

(4) Do you have holy water in your home? Yes, my husband keeps it refilled. Most of the time I pass by without using it. First New Year's Resolution—I will cross myself with holy water at least once a day.

(5) Do you offer up your sufferings? For many years I complained much about the state of the Church and individual churchmen whose actions drove people out of the church and into hell. Then about a year or two ago, I began to place my sufferings in the hands of Mary to distribute, with a request that she especially remember the souls of poor priests in purgatory. Even though many priests I knew were guilty of many serious sins, they did forgive my sins many times during the past 60+ years, and I owe them more than I can repay.

(6) Do you observe First Fridays and First Saturdays? I go to Mass on most First Fridays and First Saturdays, but no longer try to make the required number of sequences. My Mother took us children to the Nine First Fridays and the Five First Saturdays when I was growing up.

(7) Do you go to Eucharistic Adoration? Yes.

How frequently: Less than I should. Second New Year's Resolution—I will pray to Our Lord in the exposed Blessed Sacrament each and every week.

(8) Are you a Saturday night Mass person or Sunday morning? A small book on the AntiChrist was written by the priest, P. Huchede, in 1884. Even though I read the book many, many years ago (it was reprinted by Tan Books in the 1970s), I remember Fr. Huchede saying that the Fathers of the Church believed that one of the signs of the coming of the AntiChrist would be the Mass returning to the Sabbath. Nevertheless, I have weakened a few times in my life (although not recently) and did attend Saturday evening Novus Ordo Masses.

(9) Do you say prayers at mealtime? Yes, most of the time. I remembered to pray with the sign of the cross before eating a delicious new (for me) Spicy Chicken Salad at Taco Bell today. Highly recommended—both the salad bowl and praying before eating, but not in that order.

(10) Favorite saints: Did you just ask my name? Also St. Michael the Archangel and St. Mary Magdalene.

(11) Do you know the Apostles Creed by heart: Yes, my husband and I recite it every night.

(12) Do you usually say short prayers (aspirations) during the course of the day? If you’re asking about indulgenced prayers, not very often, regretfully. I do pray extemporaneously during the day when I see a special need or when I want to give God thanks for favors that come so generously.

(13) When you pass an accident or other serious mishap, do you say a quick prayer for the persons involved? If it looks serious, I do. Otherwise, I’m a fool and simply say he/she shouldn’t have been driving so fast or so carelessly. Third New Year’s resolution: I promise to pray for all accident victims that I see and not make rash judgements.

(14) What public sin do you find most difficult to manage from day to day? Bragging about how good I am, especially doing it indirectly with a touch of snobbery--the worst kind of pride.

Whom do I tag: Nobody. But I do recommend the questions to others to help them make New Year's resolutions that will assist them in becoming better Catholics.


Tom Bailey said...

I have not seen tagging used this way before. Interesting blog.

Lynne said...

Actually, the blogger who started the meme was So Many Devotions, So Little Time. It's been especially interesting to see where this meme has turned because I love reading about devotions.

Have a wonderful New Year!

An avid reader of your blog,