Dec 24, 2006

Computer Issues

This past week, the computer stopped working and smelled like burnt electronics. Three possibilities were considered--a failed power supply, a broken power-on switch, or a ruined motherboard. The power switch checked out okay, and the power supply seemed the next most likely cause of failure. A new power supply did not help, but I'm glad I replaced the small unit with a larger one. A new motherboard and processor have been ordered and I hope will resolve the problem. In the meantime, I'm trying to use a new notebook with only a touchpad. It works, and that's all I can say for it.



Good luck, Dusty. And Merry Christmas.

Joe Six Pack said...

Maybe that was God's message to stop blogging.

That's how I'd interpret it.

cranky said...

Appears you need the Lord and an accessible computer guy.

I know you have the first with you all the time. The other one just needs scheduled and he requires $$$.

Dust I Am said...

Thanks, Wolftracker, and a blessed and Merry Christmas to you and your growing family.

Joe, is your interpretation related to my recent discussions on Cornell Society, with which you energetically disagreed?

Cranky, I'm very fortunate that family members contribute their computer expertise. I'm still waiting for the new motherboard to arrive. I've installed two boards previously, but it's never a piece of cake.