Apr 13, 2007

New Traditional Catholic Bloggers in KC

I've been negligent reading the local Catholic bloggers. Guess what, there's more of them than I thought! Take a look at Christopher's blog, Lost Lambs. Chris identifies himself as a 22-year old "lost lamb" with two children. I highly recommend his personal story where he describes how the death of his grandmother led him to the old Latin Mass.

Kansasopolitanus is another new traditional Catholic blog offered by Daniel, who attends the old Latin Mass in Kansas City, MO. Based on comments from others, he's a doer!

Traditional Catholic Mom is written by Augusta, a 24-year old stay-at-home mother and convert whose husband introduced her to the old Latin Mass. I've got to try her taco soup recipe. Augusta has a brother-in-law who is a novice at St. Benedict's in Atchison.

Indulterer X is a fourth new traditional Catholic blogger from Kansas City. He's a good writer and should compose more posts (but perhaps less about shoes and the mall!).

There's also a new guy who is very excited about being accepted at Conception Abbey. See Pater Noster Benedict.

[I just checked Wolftracker and he already has listed most of them! You're ahead of me, WT!]


wolftracker said...

Well, Dusty, why else did you think that I am making millions from Catholic blogging. Glad to see you promote these good efforts, KCC has added some new ones as well on the blogroll.

I still owe you an email response. I have not forgotten. And I think I am going to encourage you still on your parish observation project. I think the objections are heartfelt, but misplaced in their earnestness.


Christopher said...

Thanks for the recommendation and kind words, may God Bless you and may the Holy Spirit guide is in everything we do!