Nov 24, 2007

Miracles for Mother

My Mother is a daily communicant who is preparing well for her death at an advanced age. She gives our family an excellent example of love, patience, long-suffering, forgiveness, good humor, and especially active and welcome interest in the lives of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Her lengthy morning prayers, including two daily rosaries, are surely some of the reasons our family is so blessed.

With less than adequate eyesight, Mother regularly misplaces things--glasses, hearing aid, ring, cane, etc. When she loses something, Jesus and St. Anthony always are called on to help her find her lost possession.

About ten days ago, she lost her cane and was quite agitated about it. She continued to pray fervently that the lost object show up. Mother says Jesus and St. Anthony never fail, especially as was demonstrated rather profoundly early this past week.

Coming home from morning Mass, she entered her bedroom to leave her purse. Mother said she was carrying her purse in her left hand and the backup cane in the right hand. She set her purse on the bedroom rug, then looked down at her hands. Two canes were there, one in the right hand and one in the left where her purse had just been. Both she and I couldn't explain this by any "of nature" cause, so we conclude it was an "of super-nature" phenomenon.

This is at least the third time she has found things in a miraculous way. Several years ago, Mother lost her wedding ring. My Dad has been dead for many years, and his gift to Mother was cherished. When she lost the ring, she looked thoroughly through her bedroom and the rest of the house, and others helped to look too. No ring was found.

After many of Mother's prayers and several weeks later, she walked into her bedroom to see an arm reaching to her dresser table. The arm quickly disappeared, and Mother still remembers it vividly. When Mother looked at the dresser top, her wedding ring was in plain sight. Mother told us she had carefully examined her dresser (and hers is not a unkempt place like mine!) several times before, and it was not there!

A third incident was the loss of her hearing aide. Again, after her many prayers to Jesus and St. Anthony, the device showed up in the middle of the bedroom floor which she had vacuumed twice since she had lost it.

Why does God perform these little miracles for Mother? I believe these are small signs from God that He listens to and loves my Mother. They also show the rest of our family why we need to ask Jesus more faithfully and consistently for our own small miracles!

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