Nov 18, 2007

Scavenger Hunt for Grandsons

The weather was great and we invited children and grandchildren over after Sunday Mass for smoked bacon, fried eggs, hash browns, waffles, fruit juice, and chocolate milk. Three women prepared the breakfast so that it was ready in less than half an hour. The family enjoys this time together--especially the young cousins.

After everyone had eaten, I found our metal detector and asked two of our sons-in-law to lead teams of grandsons on a scavenger hunt. The yard was divided into half--one side for one team of young boys and the other side reserved for the second team. Coin tosses were used to determine which team captain got to choose the first member and to select the half of the yard that was his.

At "Ready, get set, GO!," the first team was given 20 min to find the most interesting metal objects. Boys on the team took turns using the metal detector to find potential sites, while their teammates used shovels and trowels to unearth the treasure. The second team went next. The Dad team captains supervised the return of grass sod to its former positions, so no harm was done to the lawn.

Our grandsons had a great time as they found an old screwdriver, hammer head, spoon (as the years have gone by, my supply has dwindled), a rusty oven door, old barrel hoops, and various metal pieces.

Yes, the girls filmed the scavenger hunt. I hope someday this video will remind them of the fun they once had with their Dads and their boy cousins in Granddad's and Grandma's backyard.

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