Jan 27, 2008

Handy Little Warming Bag

As I get older and the weather seems to feel colder, my favorite companion is this sock bag. It's filled with cheap dry beans and is heated in my 20+ year old microwave for about a minute to become toasty warm!

In the daytime, the bean bag warms my hands and the cold chair bottom before I start typing this blog. At night, I love to feel the bag's warmth on my feet under the covers at the end of the bed. [Even though my husband's feet are usually warmer than mine, I am reluctant to place my cold feet on his!]

The warmth of a heated bean bag endures for at least 30 min. And I've been using the same beans for at least a month.

Another way I try to get warm is a cup of hot tea! Especially Constant Comment Green Tea flavored with orange and spices. Splenda works great to sweeten the tea.

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thetimman said...

Not related to this post, in particular, but I just wanted to write and say that I find your blog a wonderful read. Your posts on matters theological are very informative, nuanced, well-reasoned and a joy to read. I absolutely love your writings, Dusty-- just wanted to tell you that before I forgot (again) to do so.

God bless you.