Jan 31, 2008

KANSAS Presidential Caucuses

My Kansas correspondent reminds me that the Kansas Republican Party caucuses will be held on February 9, and the Democratic Party caucuses will be held on February 5. See http://www.ksgopcaucus.org/ and http://www.ksdp.org/supertuesday for more information. The basic requirement is that a Kansas citizen be a registered Republican to vote in a Republican Caucus, and a registered Democrat to vote in a Democratic Caucus.

I was asked today which Presidential candidate is most pro-life. Obviously that candidate is NOT a Democrat. Among the Republicans, Huckabee is the most pro-life candidate. He actively opposed abortion while Governor of Arkansas, led a pro-life rally in Georgia on January 22, and supports a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Rep. Ron Paul is the only candidate who came to the March for Life in Washington DC on January 22 and gave a supporting address. He believes abortion is a crime to be regulated by the States--if they choose to do so.

Governor Romney's position was examined by pro-life Senator Brownback who concluded Romney is anti-Roe, but not pro-life. During his unsuccessful 1994 bid for the Senate and during his run for Governor of Massachusetts, he courted pro-abortionists by touting his pro-choice positions. Catholic Fire notes that Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts provides for abortions at government expense.

Senator John McCain says he is a life-long friend of Right to Life. He has voted to restrict or regulate the practice of abortion and says Roe v. Wade should be overturned. However, he is not a great pro-life leader in the U.S. Senate as is Senator Brownback.

So what's the answer?
  1. Take a look at American Family Association's list of candidate positions"on support for a Human Life Amendment, Traditional Marriage, Gay Pride and requiring businesses to favor homosexuality, the Iraq War, and Moral Education.
  2. Also see "Will the Republican Nominee respect Us in the Morning" published by the Republican Coalition for Life.
  3. Next, review the American Life League's Voter Guide.
  4. Then pray that God will enlighten you on the Presidential candidate to support.


Anonymous said...

I understand Mitt Romney's pro-life position -- since he changed it, he has not demonstrated bona fides that he supports pro-life, but I've listened to how he described how he changed his position, and I'm not sure if I can doubt what he is saying. I can say why I cannot vote for Mike Huckabee in the primary:

1) His stances on illegal immigration has changed -- he also was uninformed about the number of illegal Pakistanis in the country as being the second largest group of illegal immigrants.
2) His tax proposals are very regressive in suggesting a 23% sales tax or VAT.
3) He has raised taxes in Arkansas, and if he has done it there, I don't see how he can resist it when he comes to Washington.
4) The state chapter of the NEA in New Hampshire supported Mike Huckabee because for one thing he opposes school choice.

From Club for Growth:

"Governor Huckabee says he is a fiscal conservative," Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said, "but his ten-year economic-policy record as the governor of Arkansas is mixed, at best. His history includes numerous tax hikes, ballooning government spending, and increased regulation. To be sure, Governor Huckabee's record displays an occasional deference to a pro-growth philosophy, but that is only a small slice of a much bigger picture. The Club for Growth feels citizens deserve a full picture of where Governor Huckabee stands on the critical economic issues of the day." http://www.clubforgrowth.org/2007/01/a_report_on_mike_huckabees_fis.php

From John Fund's column on opinionjournal.com:

Nor am I alone. Betsy Hagan, Arkansas director of the conservative Eagle Forum and a key backer of his early runs for office, was once "his No. 1 fan." She was bitterly disappointed with his record. "He was pro-life and pro-gun, but otherwise a liberal," she says. "Just like Bill Clinton he will charm you, but don't be surprised if he takes a completely different turn in office." http://www.opinionjournal.com/diary/?id=110010782

Also, same column:

"Many Huckabee supporters have told me their man should be judged by what he's saying on the campaign trail today. Fair enough. Mr. Huckabee was the only GOP candidate to refuse to endorse President Bush's veto of the Democrats' bill to vastly expand the Schip health-care program. Only he and John McCain have endorsed the discredited cap-and-trade system to limit global-warming emissions that has proved a fiasco in Europe."

Now, that Guliani is out of the race, I would vote for any of the Republicans currently running compared to Obama or Clinton. Nevertheless, I cannot support Huckabee in the Super Tuesday primary on Feb. 5.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ that Huckabee is the most pro-life candidate. Ron Paul has delivered over 4,000 babies as an OB/GYN and has been a consistent advocate for life his entire public career.


Anyone who treats the likelihood's of war (with their attendant destruction and death) as lightly as Huckabee and McCain do is not pro-life.

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