Jan 9, 2008


Over a year ago, this blog published a post on ordination of priestesses. I haven't kept up with this deformed religious escapade until today, when I reviewed a article lavishing attention and praise on "Roman Catholic Womenpriests." The group recently attempted ordinations of two women, ages 67 and 69, in the St. Louis area.

They weren't able to afford a boat ("the cost of renting boats has proven high"), nor were they able to easily arrange for a Christian church, so they conducted their illegitimate ceremonies in a Jewish Synagogue with a woman rabbi as the hostess. The article was originally published last month (Dec 7, 2007), but it was revised the day after tomorrow, on January 11, 2008???

I was flabbergasted by a number of quotes in the article and have several questions:
"These are women “of a certain age” -- often in their 60s...."
"...it has often been noted that many young Catholics are of a conservative bent -- and not a few have raged against ordaining women on blogs." [Q: Are mostly old liberal females being ordained? What is the future when the new young priests are more like Benedict XVI?
"A harbinger of the sorts of communities the Womenpriests’ movement would create, Spiritus Christi supported priestly roles for women, celebrated gay unions and offered Communion to non-Catholics in violation of church law." [Q: Is Disobedience a virtue with these women? Should God and husbands beware?]
...the Womenpriests movement discourages titles for priests and bishops and requires no vow of obedience. [my emphasis] [Q: Did Satan suggest this?]

continuing the work we have espoused for the last 30 years.... forced to resign her position as head of health care ministry for the Boston archdiocese.... fired from a prestigious teaching post.... a former editor at Liguori, a Catholic publishing house... [Q: Why did the Church ignore these saboteurs for so long?]

promote a “discipleship of equals,” a church without clerics. [Q: Does this mean women's ordination is directed to destroying the male priesthood?]

“We are using the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house” [Q: Did you forget to capitalize the word Master?]

BTW, The latest news on the St. Louis attempted "ordinations" is found on the TinMan's blog.

BTW, The latest news on the attempted "ordinations" of priestesses in St. Louis is found on Timman's blog.


cl00bie said...

“We are using the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house” [Q: Did you forget to capitalize the word Master?]

Only in the second case.

They are using the master's [Satan's] tools to dismantle the Master's [God's] house.

Anonymous said...

There's one thing about this whole 'woman priestess' thing that I think has gone unnoticed up until this point -- and it's actually pretty funny, too. Yes, the whole 'woman priest' thing is a sad affair, but there is some rich comedy underlying what they do, too.

Fer instance: When these women actually go to become 'priestesses', frequently they do so on party boats, or cruises, or casino boats, or whatnot. The idea, it seems, is to take a cue from the casino companies themselves, which find loopholes in state laws that restrict gambling of any kind anywhere on state land; but are powerless to put such laws into effect on waterways such as rivers and lakes, which are governed by the federal government.

So here we have some women who clearly think that the same logic also applies to Holy Orders! The dioceses and the bishops that are in power in the locations where they want to be 'ordained' are somehow only relevant if these women are on land! They are perfectly free, in other words, to side-step any bishop because the bishop's crozier is powerless while they are on a federally-controlled waterway!

That is *hilarious*! Like Jesus the Christ and His Church somehow become irrelevant to Catholics if you're floatin' on a casino boat somewhere.

*Truly* a sign of the times we are living in.