Jul 25, 2006

Ordinations of "Catholic" Priestesses

On July 31, 2006, three bishopisses will "ordain" eight priestesses in Pittsburgh, PA. The ceremony will be conducted in a chartered boat on the Three Rivers, away from prying eyes and any opposition. Yet the women are reluctant to call themselves priestesses. Why?

Google the word "priestess" and observe that the search brings up historical priestesses that have included Sybil, the Vestal Virgins of Rome, the priestess at Delphi, the prostitutes in Roman temples, Egyptian priestesses in charge of the temple parties, Etruscan priestesses, etc. Today's priestesses prefer to use the term "woman priest" because it doesn't have a heathen/pagan connotation.

Bishop Romulo Braschi, founder of the schismatic Catholic-Apostolic Charismatic Church of Christ the King, ordained the first seven Catholic priestesses who were floating down the Danube River in 2002. Bishop Braschi was ordained a priest in Buenos Aires in 1966 and has been made a Bishop twice. He may have suspected his first consecration might have been faulty, so he has been twice through the Bishop-making system. The last time was through ex-Bishop Geronimo Podestá of Avellaneda (in the province of Buenos Aires) who was suspended in 2000.

Four Bishopisses and a lot of priestesses have been "ordained" in the past five years. Are they true priests? Of course not. That's why Rome is not too worried about them, except for their eternal destiny. Frankly the Vatican is much more worried about Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo who could form a schismatic group of male priests who are married. It might be worse than the Archbishop Thuc line of schismatic bishops. The irregular Thuc ordinations are considered valid but not licit. Any Milingo ordinations would be valid, but not licit. But in the case of Bishopisses and priestesses, the ordinations are invalid and illicit, and all the women have been excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

The chronology of the "ordinations" of women:
  • Seven Priestesses on June 21, 2002 on the Danube by Bishop Braschi
  • Two Bishopisses in Europe by "several male Catholic Bishops" in a secret ceremony on an unknown date
  • One Bishopiss in Germany by unknown male Catholic Bishops together with the two new Bishopisses during January, 2004
  • Six Deaconesses in Germany during June 2004
  • One Priestess in France in 2005
  • Nine Priestesses in the St. Lawrence Seaway on June 25, 2005
  • One Bishopiss in June 2006
  • Three Priestesses and one Deaconess on Lake Constance on June 24, 2006
  • Eight Priestesses on the Three Rivers: the Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio on July 31, 2006
Cheryl Bristol is a sample of one of the 2006 ordinands. She really is extremely well suited to be a Priestess. Read her biography on a list of the "ordinands."
Lesbian by birth, Catholic by choice, [and] has felt called to ministry for 25 years. Born on an apple farm north of Detroit, worked as a Paralegal while raising her son, Richard. Living in Jerusalem from 1999-2002 deepened her interest in justice and interfaith relations. In 2005 Cheryl served as a delegate to the United Nations Non Governmental Organization Conference. She is currently a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, rights activist working with Catholics and other groups to end intolerance and religion abuse. Other ministries include chaplaincy, playing the harp, and performing Holy Unions.
The Bishopisses and Priestesses want "to reach out to those who... have been alienated, hurt, or rejected by the institutional Catholic Church. The(sic) are the legion of women who feel like second-class citizens in their own church, divorced and remarried Catholics, gays and lesbians and all those on the margins of church and society." See News Article.

When I started reading about all the Bishopisses and Priestesses, I was worried. After reading a lot more, I'm not worried at all. You see, they have all turned into fruitflys, and now have decided to fly willingly into the dark pit of excommunication. [The stench smells so sweet to them!]

BTW, one of the women being "ordained" on July 31 is Bridget Mary Meehan, the author of 15 books. At least four of Meehan's books are sold by Liguori Publications. The Liguori sidebar also shows Joan Chittister as a featured writer. Is Liguori Publications still in union with Rome? Does your parish still buy bulletins and other items from Liguori? Ooops!

The spring belongs to orthodoxy.


Gabriel A said...


Brian Michael Page said...

..."first seven Catholic priestesses who were floating down the Danube River in 2002."

LMAO - floating down the Danube after swimming the wrong way on the Tiber.

You'll find a few posts on them in my blog, referring to them as "poncho ladies", named after those red dollar store ponchos that they don so less-than-elegantly, and the famous "laughing cat", which just laughs at them while they sink in the Tiber.


Brian Michael Page said...

"Does your parish still buy bulletins and other items from Liquori? Ooops!"

My bad for not including this in my last post, sorry, but...

My pastor makes his own bulletins, believe it or not - cover design and all.

Tony said...

What is this about these "excursions" that makes me want to procure a torpedo?

RC said...

I'd like to see a series of Burma-Shave signs along the banks:

If they laid on hands /
In your cruising date /
Then now you're ex- /

--a word from the
Diocese of Pittsburgh

Dust I Am said...

America's oldest Catholic Newspaper, www.pittsburghcatholic.org, has issued grave warnings to anyone who attends the Pittsburgh "ordinations" of priestesses on July 31. Those "who by their presence give witness and encouragement to this fundamental break with the unity of the people of God place themselves outside the church."

"Additionally, if those present as witnesses to the event serve in ministry in the church — as teachers, administrators, catechists, chaplains, etc. — they will be deemed to be in violation of the Cardinal’s Clause and/or the Code of Pastoral Conduct. As such, the most serious consequence would be dismissal from ministry and/or loss of employment."

Fr. Larry Gearhart said...

Nice piece, Maam. I'm sure glad we're working for the same side.

Ex-Episcopalian said...

I look at what is happening to the Anglican Communion, and thank God for the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

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Flabbergasted Ex-Catholic said...

Your display of intolerance is flabbergasting. You speak of defending a faith that seeks love but you act out hate.

Believing is not the problem. If you are a true believer you know that slandering places you one step closer to where you wish not to go.

Take care, I hope you stop hating and start spreading words of love.