Jul 27, 2006

Pray for Dead Modernists

About a year ago, I thought again about a very unpleasant time in the 70s that occurred in our parish. The pastor had allowed sex education into the Catholic school, and we had fought it and lost. The religious education program was a scandal, too. Finally and most importantly, the liturgy was abysmal. With heavy hearts, we voted with our feet and our pocketbook. That decision made in the 1970s was the best decision we ever made, because all of our children remain practicing Catholics and two have brought their spouses into the one true Church.

Back to the point. The pastor of that parish in the 1970s died some years ago, and many of his friends are also gone from this world. It may be that they are in purgatory for a long time. So a year ago, I decided that it was time to pray regularly for the modernist priests in purgatory who will finally become saints in heaven.

Why should I pray for them? First of all, they forgave my sins. Second, they gave me the Body and Blood of Christ in communion. Third, they were usually very kind and loving. Fourth, they probably thought that what they were doing was right (But boy, were they ever wrong!). In justice, they deserve my frequent prayers to ask God to welcome them to heaven.

My Jesus, by that crown of sharpest thorns which pierced Thy sacred temple, have mercy on those souls of priests who are most neglected and least prayed for. Call and admit them to Thy most sweet embrace in paradise. Our Father, Hail Mary, Eternal rest, etc.


Tony said...

Beautifully put. Thank you.

An interesting aside, we have a prayer for the souls in purgatory which ends especially for that one sould most forsaken.

I always think of Judas during that line and send up a quick prayer to God for him.

M. Alexander said...

Judas and abortionists. Very impressive and a great witness to those who have sadly left the Church (and their hope of salvation)because of mistreatment they received at the hands of the clergy.